Things I Love Thursday 17/7/2014

This week did not start out well.  I’m in the process of coming off my brain meds and so far I’ve done pretty well.  However, this week my anxiety and depression started creeping back in and I just felt overwhelmed and deeply blue.  I’ve been really busy at work and the stress of it caught up with me and I just broke a little bit.


But now I’m feeling so much better.  I stepped back and took stock of what I could do to introduce a bit more stability in my life to safe-guard me against stress and anxiety.  And I started working some of those strategies into my life. And so far, so good.

This week, I love:

– Asking myself: “Is this thing that’s bothering me really worth this much energy?  Am I allowing myself to be consumed with worries that aren’t based in fact? ” and really dismantling those thoughts that are preoccupying me.

– Yoga.  When I’m down, just 20 minutes on my mat works wonders.

– This video.  I can relate.


– Celebrating the birth of my friend Corrine’s baby girl, Charlotte.  I’m so excited for them both.


– Speaking up against sexual harassment and remaining calm while doing so.


– Watching Ringo get all blissed out over snuggles with my gentleman friend.  The two of them are best buddies.


– Getting a visit from my friend Christina and her husband Charles.  They are such a sweet couple and it was brilliant to have a quick catch-up with them.


– Finally finishing Breaking Bad.


– Attempting a difficult recipe and being really pleased with the results.


– Having one of my new work clients bring me a gorgeous tiger lily from her garden to keep on my desk.


– The new Indian restaurant that’s just opened up around the corner from my house.


– Looking forward to a Fawlty Towers dinner show.


– Re-watching Waynes World and quoting huge chunks of dialogue.


– Geeking out over grammar.


– Sunday-morning snuggles in bed.


What do you love this week?  If it’s been a hard week for you, what’s been keeping you going?


  1. I can’t even imagine coming off my head meds, but then again, ive been told I’ll best be on them the rest of my life.
    The animals interupting yoga makes me laugh. Tonka does the jump on my back and curl up. The lady in the video who just continued on with her poses with the cat was pretty epic and I laughed so hard with the big black dog, uh, having his way with his owner.
    How amazing is Charlotte, I am SO proud and excited for Corrine!

    • I am in total awe of Corrine. I can’t imagine having a child at all, let alone on my own. And she’s totally rocking it. I’m so incredibly proud and happy for her.
      I couldn’t stop gaping at the woman who just kept on yoga-ing with the cat climbing all over her. That takes some serious focus and skill!

  2. Hang in there coming off medication – yay for being well enough to do it 🙂 and yah boo for feeling bad again 😦 ! I’ve been told that this time I need to stay on it for at least three years :S Your new gentleman friend sounds marvellous!

    • Thanks for the support. It’s been a bit of a rocky road coming off the meds, but things are looking better now. I’ve been completely off them for a week now and I’m feeling pretty good so far. 🙂

    • Thanks so much sweetheart. I’m doing a lot better now. And that Indian restaurant is amazing. I even convinced my gentleman friend (who was decidedly against eating Indian food) to give it a shot and he thought it was brilliant.

  3. Oh it looks like there have been some lovely things in your week. It is always nice when some one brings you a flower(s.) I am glad it is getting better. The video was just darling. If you enjoy geeking out over grammar I must ask if you have seen the video by Weird Al “Word Crimes?”

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