Daily outfit 16/7/2014

During the week I was pawing through a case of jewelry and I found a bunch of items that I’ve not worn in ages.  So I set them aside and I’ve been trying to wear one each day.  I unearthed a cross-body harness chain that I don’t believe I’ve ever worn.  Even though I bought it with the hope of pairing it with breezy summer crop-tops, I decided to take a punt at working it in to a winter ensemble.




It’s tricky to see in these photos, but the harness does up around my neck, crosses my chest and then fastens again around my waist.  It was an impulse buy, but after wearing it once I’m keen to work it into more outfits.



I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Black harem pants from Target

– Floral silk bolero (vintage)

– Body harness from Sportsgirl

– Baby Doll earrings

– Biker boots from Big W.

-Gold rock ring from ASOS


These Baby Doll earrings were a relic from my teen years.  Although I haven’t worn them in ages, I still really like them in all their ghetto-fab glory.


Today I challenge you to take a dig through your wardrobe and find something that you haven’t worn in ages.  Try to work it into your outfit today, even if you have to wear it in a way that’s different to how you originally thought you would.  You just might surprise yourself.


    • I can definitely imagine you rocking a body chain like this one. You’d look fab in it.
      The bolero was a random find in a gorgeous little vintage store. It was only about fifteen dollars, and the design is pretty simple. I think if you found some gorgeous fabric, you could definitely make one.

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