Things I love….um…Friday?

Whoops-a-daisy!  I appear to have missed Thursday altogether.  Never mind.  Let’s just press on and take our weekly dose of gratitude a day late, just in time for the weekend.


This week, I love:

– Being asked by my boss to design and maintain our office website.  I’ve already begun working on it and I’m so pleased with how it’s turning out.  My boss seems very pleased too.  I’m overflowing with ideas that I want to implement when I’m a bit more settled.  It’s so awesome to be asked to do something that you love and recognized when you do good work.


– Finishing season 4 of Game of Thrones.


– Hot chocolate served in a mug with no handles, so you have to cup your hands around it, which is cosy as can be.

– This awesome tee shirt that my gentleman friend got me as a gift.  This design is called “Who’s This?”


– Downtown Abbey, for the drama, the accents and the costumes.


– Snapping up season 3 of Miranda on sale.


– Taking my lunch to work every day like a good girl.  In the first couple of weeks of work I bought lunch every day which was mighty expensive.  I’m trying to reign in my spending to make the most of the extra pennies I’m earning.


– Babies!  Four people I know are due to have little ones in the next six weeks, and the first arrived on Tuesday.  I’m so excited to start meeting all these little critters.



– My new fridge magnet.


– Men who do little things to take care of you, not because they don’t think you are incapable of doing it yourself, but because they want to do something nice.


– Talking about feminism with my workmate


– Wine


– Chipping away at my housework.


– Doing a decent job of not sweating the small stuff.


What about you?  What do you love this Friday?

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