Daily outfit 9/7/2014

I got a bunch of gorgeous new threads for my birthday and I haven’t had a chance to show them off just yet.  One of my favourite pieces was this fantastic leopard-fur (faux, of course!) cardigan.  My parents picked this up from a funky vintage store in Phillip Island on one of their adventures, and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit.

I wore this outfit to head out for an Indian feast with my work-buddy, Madison.

I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Black pencil skirt from Veronika Maine

– Black cardigan with leopard-fur trim (vintage)

– Black and white comic book heels from Betts

-Snake bangle from Tilka

– Gold hoop earrings (thrifted)

I’m a sucker for gorgeous details on clothing.  Interesting stitching, clever pockets and fun patterns are all wonderful little extras that make a piece all the more special.  This cardigan has the most adorable leopard-print buttons which take it to the next level of fabulousness.

This was the perfect outfit for a girly night out.  Between us, Madison and I polished off a bottle of wine, a plate of naan, some chicken tikka and a hearty portion of beef korma.  We gabbed about boys and work and had a jolly old time.

I often struggle to find something to wear out at night during winter, but this awesome cardigan is just the ticket.  It’s cozy and a little bit sexy, plus it will look so fab with all my vintage gear.  What an awesome birthday gift!


4 thoughts on “Daily outfit 9/7/2014

  1. That cardigan is awesome! I’ve been looking for something similar actually. I think I may just have to pick up one of those fake collars to go with some of my cardigans or that. I’ve learnt it can get VERY cold in Melbourne :p

  2. Oo very fun and flirty yet smart too, love it! I really like the cardigan, reminds me of ones Fran Fine and Zelda Spellman from the tv shows ‘The Nanny’ and ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ used to wear and I love their style! The whole outfit looks great on you 😀

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