Daily outfit 1/7/2014

Hooo boy!  It’s been a while since my last outfit post.  I actually had a brief moment of forgetfulness when I went to take some photos for this post.  I was standing in front of the camera, waiting for the timer to count down when I thought to myself, “Hang on, how do I do this again?  How do I usually stand for photos?  Is my face doing the smiling thing, or am I pulling some weird grimace?”  My first couple of pictures were a total disaster until I got back into the swing of things.  Luckily I took a couple of non-dreadful shots to show off my first winter outfit for the year.

I am wearing:

– Black turtle neck jumper from Country Road

– Purple floral gypsy skirt from Glassons

– Black textured tights from Voodoo

– Black flatform shoes from Big W

– Rock ring (thrifted)

– Square ring (gift from my bestie)

– Swarovski crystal ring (found in the bathroom at the pub)

– knuckle ring from Louvisa

– Crystal bead earrings (handmade by my aunt)

These pictures are a bit grainy because I took them indoors after I got home from work and it was all dark.  Winter brings with it a lot of dilemmas around outfit pictures.  It’s dark inside unless you use a flash and if you want to take pictures outside you only have a small window in which the light will be right. Also, it’s too fricken’ cold to be outdoors without a jacket, and if I wear a coat you can’t see my outfit underneath.  Ah, the trials of being a blogger in Winter.

I’ll admit that I felt a little bit unsure about wearing tights with open-toed shoes.  But then I realised that my hero, the very fabulous Helga Von Trollop does it all the time.  So I decided to give it a whirl and really loved the way it looks.  I might be busting out the open-toed shoes more often over the next few months.

I have to say that I feel so happy to be blogging again.  After a shaky start to taking photos I really got into the swing of it and it feels so good to be pounding on my lappy-top once again.  I’m hoping to do a lot more of it now that I’m settled into my new job.  Thanks so much for sticking with me during this little hiccup.

What are you wearing today?  Do you advocate the tights-with-open-toed-shoes look?


4 thoughts on “Daily outfit 1/7/2014

    • Lovely. One of my all-time favourite pairs of shoes was a pair of wedges from Diana Ferrari. They were so comfortable and I wore them until they literally fell to pieces.

  1. Personally, I don’t think that I could bring myself to try open-toed shoes with stockings, but LOOK AT YOU! You’ve made it look like a fabulous breeze, so I feel *slightly* more open to the idea!

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