Things I Love Thursday 5/6/2014

There are no words to describe how exhausted I am this Thursday.  I began my new job this week and it’s been a massive adjustment.  But there are still lots of fantastic things to make me smile!

This week I love:

– Fresh starts.

– Early mornings

– My new work wardrobe.

– My new workmates

– The gorgeous terrarium that my workmates from my old job bought me as a going-away present.


– Celebrating when the dude I’ve been hanging out with managed to pick Ringo up.  Nobody other than me has ever picked Ringo up before, so this is a Big Deal.

– Counting down to my birthday.  Just four more sleeps!

– Re-runs of Dharma and Greg

– Planning far-off trips to Disneyland.


-Vintage brooches on all my outfits.

– Roast vegetable foccacias with pesto.  Delish.

–  Cuddles by the heater.

– My mum’s lamb roast.

– Cleaning the house from top to bottom and then collapsing on the couch to admire my good work.

– Visits from my mate Trina and her gorgeous little baby.  Her girl is just starting to crawl, but she can only go backwards.  She makes the most adorable growling noise when she’s trying to work out how to move forwards and it is just too cute for words!

– Also, watching Miss Jelly-cat make friends with Trina’s baby girl.  They cuddled and it was so sweet.


-Quoting Empire Records non-stop.

– Thinking back on how different my life was this time last year.  So many things have changed for the better in the last twelve months, and I am happier than I have been in a long time.

What do you love this week?


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