Fashion flashback: black corset dress.

Today I’m debuting a new post series called Fashion Flashback.  I’m going to take a look back through my archives to check out all the different ways that I’ve styled some of my favourite items in the past.

For my first Fashion Flashback post, I’m going to put the spotlight on my black lace corset dress from 7 Angels.  I bought this for about $40 six years ago.  At the time,  I was a bit iffy about spending so much on a dress, but I was so in love with the lacings and the gorgeous flamenco-inspired lines that I couldn’t pass this baby up.  As you can see, I’ve definitely had plenty of wear out of this dress, and I’m sure that I’ll be rocking it until it finally falls to pieces.


This outfit, from June 2013 is slightly gothic-inspired.  I wore the dress under a velvet blazer with an awesome pair of lace-up thrift-store boots.

Well, this is a blast from the past!  This outfit is from 2010, when my blog was just a baby!  I added red accessories, gold jewellery and a printed scarf to my black dress for a colourful look.  I still have fond memories of lazing on the lawn at uni while wearing this outfit.

When I put this outfit together, I’d been reading Cyndi Lauper’s autobiography.  The influence that had on my personal style is fairly obvious!

Just a couple of months back, I wore this dress with some pink tights and an epic beehive.  I was really feeling the “Punk Princess” vibe that day!

One of my favourite outfits that includes this dress is the one that I wore to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.  I layered another floaty skirt underneath the dress and paired with with some witchy accessories.  I miss those Jolly Roger shoes so much!  They fell apart last year so I had to retire them.  The scarf I’ m wearing is my first-year Hogwarts house scarf which I made myself (and you can order one of your own from my shop!).    I remember that I was having a really bad hair day, so I decided to wear the wig to avoid having to wrestle my hair into some form of style.  A bad hair day is a good wig day, in my book.

So there you have it!  As you can see, I’ve worn this dress quite a lot, and I’m still  not sick of it.  I’m sure it will be popping up on the blog for years to come.

Do you have a favourite item that you wear over and over?

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