Daily outfit 27/5/2014

I went shopping for the first time in ages this past weekend.  I was in Melbourne for a friend’s hens night and I had a couple of hours to kill before I had to catch the train.  I decided to pop into the outlet shops at Spencer Street for some bargain shopping, and I hit the motherload!

So today’s outfit is almost entirely composed of brand-new items.

I am wearing:

– Nirvana baseball tee from Cotton On

– Red skinny jeans from Cotton On

– Midi ring set from Louvisa

– Black biker boots from Big W.

So, can we take a moment to chat about these midi rings.  I am a bit obsessed with rings, and I’ve wanted to add some of these tiny rings to my collection for a while.  I found this gorgeous set at Louvisa for just $3 and I couldn’t resist them.  They’re so cute!  I worried that they’d be annoying to wear, but they really aren’t.

I’m also really stoked with this Nirvana shirt.  Nirvana are one of my all-time favourite bands and I’ve been on the lookout for a Nirvana shirt for a while now.  I love the slightly faded, grungy look of this one. I deliberately bought a few sizes up so that it would be nice and slouchy.  I also bought a David Bowie one, and they were a steal at $10 each.

These jeans were also $10.  I’ve been living in skinny jeans and biker boots of late, and I really love coloured denim.  I’m looking forward to wearing this bright red pair with lots of grey and black jumpers when the weather gets colder.

Have you had any awesome bargain buys lately?


  1. This outfit = awesome! I’m such a regular at the Spencer Street outlet, I kill time there when I fly 😛 I love the top and the fact you got a Bowie top too! I haven’t had any great bargains I can think of lately, but I am going shopping today, so fingers crossed!

    • I thought that you’d like this! I will have to take photos the next time I wear the Bowie shirt to show you. Or else I’ll wear it when I catch up with you next.

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