Things I Love Thursday 15/5/2014

It’s Thursday again, and I am so pumped to start my gratitude list.  It has been an incredible week and I am so chuffed with everything that’s happened.


This week I love:


-Quitting my job!  Seriously.  A few months ago I interviewed for this awesome job and I just missed out.  But on Tuesday, I had a visit from the manager to tell me that they had an even better job to offer me.  I’ll now be working full-time at something that is much more challenging for me.  I am so pleased.  It’s not that I hate the job I currently have, but I have been craving a change for a while.  I’m so excited with the way that everything is falling into place.


– The Amazing Spiderman 2.  I was pretty impressed with this installment in the Spidey film franchise.  I adore Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and I was blown away by the Green Goblin makeup effects.  Plus, they seem to have left the door open for one of my favourite Spiderman characters to appear in the next film.  The only thing that let it down was the lame-ass ending.


– Early morning kitty-snuggles.


– Chicken risotto


– Gracebrook winery.  We took Mum there for Mothers Day and it was incredibly lovely.  The meal was sensational ( I had lamb shanks), the wine was delicious and part-way through the meal the waitress brought little bouquets of flowers out to all the mums.  It was such a special day.


-The fact that my vet clinic addresses their mail to my cats.


– Giggling with my brother.



– John Waters.


– Clara Cupcakes on Twitter.  That lass is hi-larious.


– Getting all rugged up and going for night-time walks.


– Heart-shaped sunglasses.


– Trying out a new brand of eyeliner that turns out to be better than my old favourite.




-Ringo learning to open doors by himself.  He can now let himself in and out of the loungeroom so I can shut the doors when the heater is on.


– Flouncy skirts.


– The little girl I overheard in church on Saturday, asking non-stop questions about the service.  My favourite one was “Mum, why does Jesus have so many friends?”

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  1. That outfit is awesome! One of the vets I went to in Adelaide used to address mail to the animals, it was adorable!! YAY for your new job! I’m so happy for you! xox

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