Daily outfit 9/5/2014

It’s Fancy Friday.  Every Friday a group of fashion bloggers put on our glad rags to celebrate the end of the week.  This week I’m mixing up some prints for my Fancy Friday look.

I am wearing:

– Skull print scarf from Sportsgirl

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Zebra print skirt from Target

– Black zipper leggings from Rubi shoes

– Bondage heels from Rubi shoes

– Silver medallion necklace.

– Fleur du lis ring from Equip.

Today I chose my shoes first and then worked my way up, creating an outfit around them.  I bought these towering heels last year and they have begun to creep back into my outfits again.  I just adore wearing these.  I feel unstoppable when I’ve got these strappy sensations on my feet.

I’ve been really playing up the smokey eye look lately.  Instead of going for traditional shades like charcoal or grey, I like to use a deep purple to highlight the crease of my eye.  The shade I’ve used today is called Calm and it’s from Bella Pierre cosmetics.  It’s the most delicious deep grape shade, and it looks amazing when blended with silver shadow and a hint of black liner.  It’s a bit more subtle than a heavy black eyeshadow, but it still packs a smokey punch.

What are you wearing this Friday?


  1. Hi Vanessa, me again 🙂

    I hope you’re ok as I’ve just noticed your Friday post isn’t up yet and it’s usually the first one I see since you’re timezone is before mine.

    I just wanted to let you know that I don’t want to continue doing FF anymore, I’m tired and would rather post sporadically as I used to. If you want to continue doing a post each week by all means please do, it makes an excellent addition to your order of weekly posts but there’s no need to give me a shoutout in the posts anymore.

    I want to you thank you so much for participating and absolutely love all of the posts you’ve done and am so very glad you’ve enjoyed doing them.

    I’m still following your blog and always like to see your posts regardless 🙂

    All the best 🙂

    • Hey hon. Thanks so much for checking in. I’m a bit behind with blog posts at the moment because I’m transitioning between jobs and I’m flat-out trying to get organized. I’m sorry that you won’t be doing FF anymore, but I think I’ll keep it going because I really love this series. I’ll still follow your blog though!

  2. Fabulous outfit!!! It reminds me to look for some zebra (print) to add to my wardrobe. Vintage gal that I am, I’ve usually focused more on classic leopard, but zebra is every bit as nice and arguably even easier to partner with other things (as it’s just black and white), so I really should find some (in a vintage-y piece, natch! :)).

    Big hugs & many (many!) heartfelt thanks for your wonderfully nice congratulations about the launch of my Etsy shop, sweet dear!

    ♥ Jessica

    • While I do love a good splash of leopard print, I personally find zebra really easy to wear. As you say, it’s basically just black and white stripes, and it pairs so nicely with many other colours. This skirt was a great addition to my wardrobe, because it’s such a classic cut with a slightly zany print.

  3. Now *this* would make a knock-out date outfit! It looks like it’d be comfortable to wear, and BOY does it pack the fox factor! I think my wardrobe’s going to be incomplete until I acquire a pair of those magnificent leggings…

    • AW, thanks so much! It is actually a really comfy outfit, and none of the pieces were particularly expensive. These leggings were only about $5 from Rubi shoes and I get so much wear out of them.

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