Happy Friends-iversary!

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the screening of the finale of Friends.  It’s a huge day for me, because Friends is one of my biggest fandoms.

Friends is undoubtedly my favourite television show of all time.  As I was only eight years old when it began, I didn’t start watching it until it was in it’s fourth season.  I used to fervently look forward to Monday nights when I could chill out and watch the exploits of my six favourite New York-dwelling buddies.

In addition to the hilarious humour, I was drawn to the characters in the show.  It was the first time that I’d watched  a program where I’d truly cared about what happened to the main characters.  When trouble brewed, I genuinely hoped that it would all work out and that my Friends would be O.K.  For me this was the first taste of true geekery.  Since then, I’ve joined a few more fandoms that have awesome characters that I can relate to and feel attached to.  But Friends was the first show that actually tugged at my heart strings and made me truly feel for these fictional characters.

Although it’s very difficult to pick a favourite, I think that Phoebe is my favourite Friend.  I just adore her innocence and flaky personality.  Even though she can be quite  macabre at times, she’s very caring at heart and just wants to look out for those around her.  As the show wore on, the writers started to reveal Pheeb’s naughtier side, and she began having a range of hilarious affairs.  But finally she found true love and settled down.  I was super excited when Paul Rudd joined the cast in season 9 as Phoebe’s boyfriend.  I’m a huge fan of Paul Rudd and I thought that his character, Mike, made the perfect partner for Phoebe.

My other favourite “couple” from Friends are Phoebe and Joey.  Even though they don’t have a romantic relationship, I love the dynamic between these two.  Joey is the perfect foil for Phoebe’s kookiness, and some of the things they get up to are hilarious.  They also have some of the sweetest moments together.


Without a doubt, my favourite Friends episode is “The one where Everyone Finds Out”.  It’s right in the middle of season 5, when Monica and Chandler have been secretly dating.  Phoebe finds out about their secret relationship, and attempts to force Chandler to admit his feelings by pretending to seduce him. The two of them wind up playing this ridiculous game of sexual chicken that leads of a fantastic climax.


It sounds pretty corny to say this, but Friends has been present during some of the most important moments of my life.  During college, my new friends and I would have Friends marathons in my dorm room when we were stressing out over exams.  My old housemate and I watched it while curled up in a pillow fort on our last night living together.  I watch the Christmas episodes every Christmas eve and it’s my go-to show when I’m sick or feeling down.  Friends is one of the things I’m a huge geek for, and I’m happy to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the show’s finale today.


Are you a Friends fan?  Who’s your favourite Friend?  Do you have a favourite episode?


  1. I remember watching the very first episode with my mum. We both felt a bit meh about it but by the next episode we were hooked. It was the only thing I really ever did with my mum we bonded over this show. I still remember coming up to the very last show and I would sob every time the commercials for the finale came on. I cried for weeks after it ended. I still get a bit nostalgic rewatching it wanting to curl up with my mum on the couch.

    • I’ve only re-watched the finale once since the show ended. I just find it too emotional and a bit melancholy. I know that’s a bit melodramatic, but it’s the way I feel.

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