Things I love Thursday.

A pinch and punch for the first of the month!  May is here and the chilly winds of Autumn are blowing here in my little country town.

This week, I love:

-Lighting the heater for the first time.  Each year, I try to hold off lighting the heater as long as I can.  I can’t really explain why I do this, it’s just a weird game I play with myself.  But this week I caved in and lit the pilot light on my gas heater.  I’ve only had it turned on a couple of times, but it’s heaven to feel that warmth taking the chill out of my loungeroom.

– Pad thai noodles.

– Dancing.  I’ve been practicing my New Vogue steps and I’m quite excited to head along to this week’s dance.


-My gorgeous friend, Miss Fairchild.  She’s had a very rough time this week, and I wish I could be there with her to give her a huge hug.  She’s such an awesome friend.

– Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits.  I re-watched this film last week and I was blown away by Marilyn.  This is one of the few films where she doesn’t play a ditzy bombshell.  Well, she’s a bombshell, but she’s much cleverer in this film.  I can really relate to her character, Rosaline’s kindness for animals and desire to make the world right.

– All of Miss Piggy’s costumes from The Muppets Most Wanted.  Her style direction now has a distinct 1940’s and 30’s flavour, with lots of amazing hats and stylish up-dos.  Of course, she still wears a smattering of jewels, but I feel that Piggy’s become a bit classier as she’s gotten older.


-Getting out my bobble blanket.  Ringo is happy about this too, because he loves snuggling up in the cozy folds of this blanket.

– Finishing off a pair of yoga legwarmers that I’ve been knitting.  I’m planning on putting some in the Made to Order section of my etsy store, so if you’d like a pair of legwarmers or boot toppers feel free to get in touch with me.

– Vintage brooches

– Flirting with the cute guy who works at the grocery store.

– This Cracked video, which explains the parallels between Game of Thrones and The War of the Roses.


I can’t believe the Tudor nerd in me never noticed this before!


– Watching my garden grow.  We had some rain this week followed by a number of really sunny days which has made my little seedlings shoot up.  The peas seems to be growing the fastest, followed by the broccoli.


– Catching up with my cousin, Jo.


– Wrapping up in a warm dressing gown and slippers first thing in the morning.


– Foggy nights.


What do you love this week?

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