Daily outfit 29/4/2014

Brrrrr!  Ned Stark was right…Winter is coming.  Today I’ve busted out some of my woolly underthings and a cosy hat to keep out the chill.

I am wearing:

– Leopard spot beanie from Equip

– Grey merino wool spencer from Target

– Empire Records shirt from Pulp Kitchen

– Black Versace jeans (thrifted)

– Black motorcycle boots from Big W

– Navy beaded earrings (inherited from my great-grandmother)

– Chain bracelet (gift from my aunt)

– Silver cross necklace (gift from my parents)

– Yin Yang mood ring from Queen Victoria markets

I’ve really been feeling the 90’s vibe lately.  I once heard someone say that when it comes to vintage looks, if you wore the trend the first time it was in fashion, you shouldn’t wear it the next time it comes around.  I’m not really one for fashion rules, because I believe that you should wear what makes you happy.  But I figure that even though I lived through the 90’s, I never wore the grunge look during this time, so I’m not technically breaking this fashion rule.

These boots are a staple item in my winter wardrobe.  They’re comfortable enough to walk in all day, they can be pulled on over jeans and cosy socks and they keep the rain and slush away from my toes.  I love them.

This tee shirt led to a slightly awkward encounter today. I ran into a woman from my church and was chatting to her when she pointed directly at my boobs and asked “And who are these guys?”  For a moment I thought she was asking about my breasts, but then I realised that she actually wanted to know the relevance of the characters on my tee shirt.  I told her they were from one of my favourite films, and she just shook her head and said, “I’m so far out of the loop!  It seems like everyone’s got something interesting on their tee shirt nowadays!”  I suppose that’s true, so many of us wear out interests on our chests today.  I know I’ve got a drawer-full of slogan tees that support that theory.


  1. I’m digging 90s fashion, but I figured while I was around for it the first time around, I never really wore any of the stuff. Not that I really care about the rules anyway! This outfit looks comfy, I wish I could pull jeans off as well as you do!

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