My period survival kit.

Let me state the freakin’ obvious here: periods aren’t the most fun thing in the world.  I can think of better ways to spend an afternoon than curled up on the couch in a crampy, cranky ball.  I have found a couple of fail-safe items that really do help make periods a lot less sucky.  This is what’s in my Period Survival Kit:

Cute underpants

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to feel good about myself when I’m wearing a pair of saggy, daggy underpants.  I know that a lot of women save their grungiest undies for when they have their period, but I don’t like to do that.  To me, having a pair of yucky, “period panties” just reinforces the idea that periods are awful and makes me feel worse about myself.  I find that slipping into a pair of cute, cotton underpants gives me a little lift.  I got some gorgeous hand-made underpants from Katastophic Designs and that are perfect.


Herbal tea

A soothing cup of tea is perfect for calming frayed nerves and settling a frazzled mind.  I try to avoid caffeine when I’ve got my period, because I find that it makes my cramps and mood swings worse.  Instead, I stick to herbal and fruit teas.  My favourite blend is Twinings chamomile, honey and vanilla. It’s deliciously sweet and calming.

A heat pack

A heat pack or hot water bottle is heaven when you’re cramping.  I have a microwavable heat pack that’s filled with wheat.  It provides warmth and slight pressure to my tummy or lower back to ease period pain.

Luxurious bath products

Another way to ease cramps is to take a soothing bath.  What better way to make a bath even more luxurious than with some fancy oils, bubbles or salts?  My favourite thing to use when I’m feeling icky is my home-made tub tea.  I mix milk powder, rolled oats and Epsoms salts with a few drops of essential oils.  I make little bags out of old tights and fill them with this mixture.  All you need to do is toss one in a warm bath for a soothing infusion (and the bag catches all the bits so you don’t have to fish oats out of your drain).


Cloth pads

I infinitely prefer cloth pads to their disposable cousins. They’re more environmentally friendly, they’re cheaper and they don’t rub my lady garden red-raw.

Yoga videos

In my experience, yoga is one of the most effective ways to ease cramps, settle your mind and sooth headaches.  When you’ve got your period, opt for a slow, gentle practice to nurture your body and leave you feeling refreshed.  My all-time favourite yoga workout for period pain is this one from Yoga with Adriene.




I’m not usually a big chocolate-eater, but I always get massive cocoa cravings right before my period.  I always make sure that there’s a block of delicious chocolate in the cupboard to deal with these cravings.



Lavender oil

There’s something so calming about the scent of lavender.  I like to use a lavender body lotion to give my feet a little rub when I’m feeling a bit tired and emotional during the first couple of days of my period.  a few drops on your pillow will promote restful sleep and a lavender-scented candle can be used to create an atmosphere of tranquility at your desk.

Comedy DVDs

I find a good chuckle is just the thing to chase the monthly blues away.  Laughing releases endorphins that actually increase your pain tolerance and improve your mood.  I love busting out some of my favourite comedies and having a little giggle-fest to cheer myself up.


What’s in your period survival kit?


  1. I’ve been thinking about going the reusable pad route, I think when I move to Melbourne I’ll be doing a lot more things (like making my own house cleaning stuff, etc). I’ve never used tampons, and I don’t really like the idea of cups, but I don’t mind the sound of cloth pads. I hate how expencive pads can be, and the fact they are so plasticy, they can be very uncomfortable.

    I bought some of those period panties that were on kickstarter recently, I can’t wait for them to arrive! I generally wear comfortable underwear all the time though, so I don’t really differentiate when I have my periods.

    Mmmm, chocolate!!

    • I would definitely recommend the cloth pads. They are so easy to use, really comfortable and very cost effective. They are so much better for your body than the disposable ones, and I don’t think I’d ever go back now that I’ve tried them.

      Those period panties are insane! I wanted to order some but i was a wee bit broke at the time. I’m so glad that *somebody* snapped some up, because they were awesome.

  2. I was put on the pill years ago because my period pains were so horrific. I still get fairly bad cramps, but a good thing is that I’m able to time my period for days when I can stay home. Also, wheat packs, panadol, that exact same tea (I have a cup right here! I’m obsessed), some knitting and something nice to watch on TV. I bought some cloth pads from that same seller and she didn’t send them or answer my emails… So I never got them. I hate regular pads, they smell weird and feel sticky. Thanks for your lovely post! Sometimes it’s nice to talk about girl things.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Amen to knitting or crocheting of some type!

      I’m so sorry that I recommended that etsy seller to you. It’s especially disappointing to hear about your experience because all my interactions with her were so positive. That’s such a bummer.

      • Oh golly it’s not your fault! I guess something must have happened to her and I just hope she’s ok. I’m still interested in trying the cotton pads though so I might try to find some somewhere else. Right I’m off to have one of those delicious teas!

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