90’s Kid Tag vlog.

Although I wasn’t actually born in the 90’s I did grow up during this decade.  So I think that qualifies me to answer the questions in the 90’s kid Youtube tag that’s going around.


Have fun watching me talk about 90’s games, music and pop culture.


4 thoughts on “90’s Kid Tag vlog.

  1. Oh my god I love that Heavyweights movie. It’s from Disney, I love watching Ben Stiller crack at the end of the movie; totally mental! I had considered doing the 90’s kids tag but I though maybe I was too old for it. But really that would cover 10-20 for me so maybe I might. Also we had Polly Pocket in the US.

    • It’s such an awesome movie isn’t it? I found the entire thing on Youtube, so I’m planning on watching it sometime this week.

      If you do your own version of the 90’s tag, please send me a link. I’d love to check it out!

    • It was such an awesome era for toys. After I finished filming the video, I thought of a tonne of other great toys from the 90’s. There was this one toy called “Puppy Surprise” that was a mother dog which came with several puppies. The “surprise” referred to the number of puppies you got. Most packs had 2 or 3, but you could get anywhere up to 5 puppies. I never had a Puppy Surprise of my own, but I always wanted one.

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