Daily outfit 22/4/2014

Autumn is definitely here.  As the leaves begin to turn red and gold and the wind gets chilly, I turn to one of my favourite cool-weather fabrics: velvet.  I also start to dip into my ever-growing collection of purple-hued clothing.  Today’s outfit features both of these autumn favourites.

I am wearing
– Purple silk scarf (inherited from my grandmother)

– Purple velvet blouse (thrifted)

– Navy tank top from Best and Less

– Jeans from Garfunkle

– Brown studded platform shoes (thrifted)

– Lapiz lazuli earring (thrifted)

– Owl ring

– Silver bangles (gift from my aunt)

– Silver band ring

-Silver cross necklace

Even though red is undoubtedly my favourite colour, I seem to wear a lot of purple.  My most-used eye shadows are purple, I own loads of purple hosiery and my wardrobe is punctuated by shades of violet and indigo.  I’m not sure what it is about this rich shade that catches my eye, but I just adore it.

This blouse was an op-shop find from last year.  I love the corset lacings at the front and back.  It’s fairly short, so when the weather gets cold I’ll either layer it over a tank top or throw it on over a maxi-dress for a bit of extra warmth.  It’s just too chilly to leave my belly uncovered at this time of year.

I also played around with a swipe of deep purple eyeliner and mis-matched earrings.  I got this lapis lazuli earring at a market ages ago, but there was only one earring in the box.  So I usually pair it with a small hoop or another dangling earring in similar colours.  I love wearing mis-matched jewellery.  I figure I’ve got two ears and a massive earring collection, I may as well take the opportunity to show off two different styles at once!

Do you find yourself drawn to a particular colour when the weather gets cooler?  Is your wardrobe dominated by a single colour?


  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING. I love purple, love love love. I also LOVE VELVET. Such a fabulous fabric.

    Your outfits kick so much ass!

    Right now, in Spring, I am wearing lots of light and bright blue colors, and a little camo for fun. Lots of my clothing is black or grey, because a. I love them and b. they go REALLY well with my hair, skin and eyes. Colors like red, pink and orange I love, but I can’t ever seem to wear them and look good in them.

    In Autumn, I like trying to wear warmer colors, for instance a beige sweater or something with warm color accents (grey t-shirt, with a red bow pin, etc.)

    I hardly have any purple clothing, which is ridiculous! I need more!

    • Awww, thank you so much sweetheart.

      I can totally understand where you’re coming from with regards to colours you love that just don’t suit you. I adore yellow, but whenever I wear it I wind up looking pale and sickly. I find that I can wear it on my bottom half, like with a skirt or shoes and it looks just fine. Maybe you could experiment with some of your much-loved-but-never-worn colours on your bottom half, with blues, blacks and greys on top to bring out your eyes and hair?

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