Daily outfit 18//4/2014

I’m so pleased that it’s Friday.  Not only is it Good Friday, but it’s the beginning of a long weekend.  I get four days off work for Easter, and I am so excited.  I’m planning on going to church (several times in fact, there are quite a few mass services over the Easter weekend) and spending loads of time catching up with family and friends who are in town for the holiday.  I’d also like to make a start on some spring cleaning that’s been hanging over my head for quite a while.

Today is also Fancy Friday,  a weekly event dreamed up by Dapper Dolly to encourage people to dress up at the end of the week.  Fancy Friday gives Casual Friday a kick in the pants and lets glamour and gorgeousness reign supreme!

Today I was feeling a bit of a punk princess vibe.  I know that I’ve worn this dress for Fancy Friday before, but I can’t help busting it out again. It really is one of my favourite wardrobe items.

I am wearing:

– Silver ear cuff

– Diamente stud earrings (inherited from my Nana)

– Black pearl necklace (inherited from my Nana)

– Black lace corset dress from 7 Angels.

– Black and white cardigan from Cotton On

– Black and purple 1/2 and 1/2 tights from Ambra

– Comic book platform heels from Betts


I had hoped to wear my hair in a sleek ponytail today.  However it simply wouldn’t cooperate.  Every time I smoothed one piece down, another strand would pop up in another spot.  I decided to abandon the idea of a sleek do and just go with the messy texture my hair seemed determined to maintain.

Instead, I played around with this funky triple-decker bun.  I really liked the way my hair turned out.  Next time, I think I’ll really define the parts between the buns, tease out my hair even more and make it into a kind of faux-hawk style.

I’m so pleased that it’s cool enough to wear tights again. I do love a bit of fancy legwear, and it’s wonderful to be able to dip into my hosiery collection once again.  These half-and-half tights are an old fave of mine, and they’ve lasted remarkably well through four years of regular wear.

I hope that you all have a wonderful long weekend.  What do you have planned?


    • Thanks very much! Everyone is welcome to join in on Fancy Friday, so if you do your own outfit post, please send me a link. I’d love to see what you come up with.

  1. Oh Vanessa I just love this outfit! What is there not to!? Top to toe, hairdo to cool print on the shoes you look fabulous! I love all the details, colours and prints!

  2. Woohoo, Punk Princess indeed, and rocking it!
    I am also pleased it’s tights weather again, but I didn’t get much bare legged time over Summer anyway!
    I do love a good long weekend. I’m planning to get over a head cold, do lots of cooking and maybe some sewing!
    Enjoy, lovey! XXX

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