Things I Love Thursday 17/4/2014

Awwww yeah!  It’s Thursday again, and I’ve got a huge list of fantastic happenings that have been making me feel wonderful this week to share with you.

This week, I love:

– Season 4 of Breaking Bad.  As season 3 was wrapping up, I began to wonder where on earth the story was going.  I worried that they had begun to paint themselves into a corner.  But nope, season 4 took it in a direction I wasn’t expecting which is fantastic.

-Snapping a picture of this cute little moth.  I love the beautiful orange shade on its’ wings.

– Gardening.  I’ve been busily preparing my vegetable garden and I’m now ready to plant my seeds.  Normally I hate yard work, but working in my little garden has actually been really relaxing.  It’s so nice to get my hands dirty and spend some time out in nature.

– Grilled squash and cucumber salad.  Delish.

-Cuddly cats.  Now that the weather has started to get colder, my cats have become mega-cuddly.  At night time both cats pile onto the bed and compete to see who can snuggle the closest.  Miss Jelly in particular loves the chilly Autumn mornings, as they provide a wonderful opportunity for her to wriggle under the covers for one last snuggle before we get up for the day.

– Sunshine on my skin.

– Cutting my nails.  I like having long nails, but sometimes it’s such a relief to chop off my talons and enjoy the feeling of short nails.  In particular, I love to type when I’ve just cut my nails, because it feels like my fingers are flying across the keys.

-Finally finishing this crocheted Mario blanket for my brother.  I began working on this in August last year, and it’s been such a long and tedious process to get it finished.  It was supposed to be my brother’s Christmas present, but I didn’t finish it in time.  He’s a massive gaming nerd and he has a particular affinity for classic Nintendo games, so I was sure that this pixellated Mario would be just the thing to spread over his bed.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.

– Planning my birthday party.  I’ve decided that I want to have a trivia night for my birthday this year.  I love trivia and quizzes, and I think this would be a great way to celebrate my 28th birthday.  As my birthday falls in Winter, it’s always hard to think of something fun to do when it’s so cold out.  I figure this will be a nice, laid-back evening of fun and games.  I’m really looking forward to it.


-This amazing video tribute to one of my favourite Disney characters, who has just undergone an outrageous makeover.


What do you love this week?


    • I do feel pretty proud of myself. I’ve been working on that blanket for so long, and I was just relieved to finish it off. My brother loved it too, so that’s a bonus.

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