My reverse bucket list

On the weekend I read and was inspired by Amanda’s Reverse Bucket List post over on her awesome blog, Dragonflight Dreams.  I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with the thought of all the things that I want to accomplish in my life, and I forget to take stock of all the amazing things that I’ve already done.  So today I’m going to share my reverse bucket list, a collection of the accomplishments I’ve already ticked off my to-do list for my life.

So far in my 28 years I have:

– Graduated from university with two degrees: A Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Psychology.

– Lived on -campus and made loads of awesome friends there.

– Completed a psychological research project about memory and ageing.

– Had a seven-year long-distance relationship

– Lived with a boyfriend

– Survived (and thrived) after a massive break-up

– Volunteered at several jobs, including a legal centre and with a group that helps overseas students to improve their English skills.

– Worked as a mentor to first-year college students.

– Started and run a blog for 4.5 years.

– Spent loads of quality time with my Nana and looked after her in her final days.

– Overcome and eating disorder

– Graduated from high school at close to the top of my class.

– Met several online friends.


– Held a murder-mystery party

– Cosplayed on numerous occasions


– Visited a comic book and pop-culture convention.

– Gotten by belly-button pierced.

– Ridden on a steam train

– Eaten snake, possum, crocodile, kangaroo and emu meats

– Ridden a mechanical bull

– Played a game of giant twister

– Sung in front of a room of people.

– Built a blanket fort in my loungeroom and spent a night in it.


– Gotten a drastic haircut

– Ridden a zip line

– Gone down a vertical slide

– Completed a high-ropes course

– Gone abseiling

– Gone canoeing

– Met several of my personal idols, including Terry Pratchett, Nicholas Brendan and Billy West

– Slept under the stars

– Pulled several all-nighters

– Self-published several books

– Ridden on a paddle-wheel boat

– Visited a prison (several, actually)

– Been skinny dipping

– Jumped into a pool with all my clothes on

-Climbed to the top of a mountain

– Been baptized

– Been to a viewing of the body before a funeral

– Touched the costume Johnny Depp wore in Edward Scissorhands

– Seen the dress Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch

– Watched The Dark Side of Oz

-Sat in the front row at a comedy show

– Been to a fashion show

– Started an online shop

-Learned to crochet

– Made an item of clothing that I actually wear

– Fallen in love

– Been sledding

-Adopted two cats

-Hand-fed a kangaroo

– Watched a sunset and a sunrise (not in the same day!)

-Ridden a camel

-Written a fan letter

-Cosplayed as a character of the opposite gender (Jay of Jay and Silent Bob)

– Attended a gay-pride event

– Learned to roller-blade

– Learned a foreign language (Indonesian)

-Lived on my own

– Lived in a share house

– Seen an Olympic event (the soccer match between Chile and Argentina when the Olympics was in Sydney in 2000)

-Played laser tag

– Had a full-body Chinese massage

– Attended a Back To The Future marathon

– Queued up for a book release

– Worn a wig in public

– Been kissed in the rain

-Shared a kiss with a stranger

– Gave my lunch to a homeless person

-Hidden secret love notes in the pockets of coats in thrift stores

– Read a book cover-to-cover in one day

When I look at this list, I realise what an amazing life I’ve led already.  I feel truly proud of all that I’ve accomplished and excited by all the things I have yet to do.  This list is a perfect reminder to me that I’ve done so much with my life so far, and that I shouldn’t feel discouraged on days when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, because that’s just not true.

What’s on your reverse bucket list?  Have you done any of the same items I have?

Please leave a comment.

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