Daily outfit 8/4/2014

Last weekend, my mother and I went to a couple of garage sales.  The stock was mostly disappointing: rusty garden tools, dirty stuffed animals and a million dog-eared copies of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  While I was sifting through a crate of cracked records, Mum snapped up a cute pair of 80’s cat earrings for me:

So today I set about creating an outfit around these vibrant beauties.


I am wearing:

– White long-sleeved shirt from Face Off

– Denim waistcoat from Cotton On

– Black leggings from K Mart

– Yellow wrap skirt, thrifted from The Dookie Emporium

– Beaded flats from Target

– Cat earrings from garage sale

– Vintage curl brooch

– Jade bead bracelet

– Assorted rings


When I started putting together this outfit, I threw open my wardrobe and this skirt instantly caught my eye.  I knew immediately that it would be a good match for my new earrings. They’re similar colours and both have a bit of a jolly, handmade look to them.


This waistcoat is one of my favourite trans-seasonal wardrobe items.  It comes in handy for layering when the weather starts to get a bit chilly.  It adds a surprising amount of warmth when buttoned over a simple blouse or top.  Also, it’s brilliant for creating a bit more shape around my waist.  It cinches me in like a corset, but it’s really comfortable and never feels restrictive.  I love it.


After a few weeks of sustained rainy weather, the lawn is looking so lush!


This funky curl brooch was another gift from my mum.  One of her friends found a bunch of old brooches in among a box of random bits and bobs.  So mum gave him twenty dollars for the lot.  She kept a few for herself and passed the rest on to me.  I love the interesting shape of this brooch.  I’m looking forward to wearing it pinned to the collar of some of my winter coats.

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