Daily outfit 4/4/2014

Even though today is Fancy Friday, I felt like wearing something fairly laid-back and casual.  So I thought that I’d show you how I dress on days when I don’t want to get all gussied up but I still want to look well-dressed.  Let’s call it lazy-but-fancy dressing!

I am wearing:

– Purple headscarf from Siricco

– Navy blue tank top from Best and Less

– Tie-dyed crop jumper (thrifted)

– Frida Kahlo brooch from Lost at Sea Accessories.

-Satin paisley trousers from Target

– Floral puff thongs from K Mart.

– Crystal beaded earrings made by my aunt.

– Silver ring

-Agate ring (thrifted)

This picture makes me giggle a little. I was watching Miss Jelly roll about in the grass, and I kind of forgot that I was supposed to be posing when the timer went off.  Oh well.

Still watching Jelly.  She’s very amusing when she’s outside!

These trousers are one of my favourite relaxed outfit options.  They are so comfortable and easy to style, but they look infinitely more dressed-up than a pair of trackpants or jeans.

Comfortable, pull-over jumpers in fun colours are a great way to add a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise dreary outfit.  Look for interesting details like draped sleeves or patterns.  I bought this jumper from the op-shop last weekend.  I love the cropped shape and the drapey sleeves.  But it was the beautiful tie-dyed pattern that caught my eye.  I bought another one as well, in shades of orange and pink that remind me of a sunset.  They are perfect for wearing on their own or layering over tanks on days when I don’t want to show off my belly.

I’m loving the swishy sleeves!

Biggin’ up my girl Frida!

A few simple accessories, a headscarf, some funky rings and a brooch give this outfit a bit more of an edge.  You don’t have to go over-the top, but just adding a few finishing touches will give an outfit a bit more punch.

So that’s how I make myself look presentable on days when I feel like slobbing about in a tracksuit.  This outfit is just as comfy but looks so much more stylish.

What do you throw on when you want something comfy-yet-funky to wear?


  1. Superb blend of casual and fancy! I love the soothing yet uplifting colours and the layering is great! I’m a tie-dye fan in general but those trousers are really speaking to me, think those are my favourite part but I love the whole outfit design! Very feminine, fun and ‘free’/cheerful 🙂

    When I go comfy yet funky I usually just add something in a bright colour or strange pattern even if it’s just a piece of jewellery. It’s like when I need to make an extra casual outfit look smart I just add heels.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely compliment. I don’t generally wear heels with my casual outfits, but I’ll wear smarter-than-usual flats. At the moment I’m loving loafers and carpet slippers for adding a touch of class to otherwise casual outfits.

  2. You and this great outfit, sweet Vanessa, are going to be my fashion muses for this spring! I’m looking to embrace purple, my “colour of the year” in full force once the weather finally smartens up and transforms into spring at long last and seeing how you partnered so many shades here in beautiful harmony will be inspiring me as I reach for all manner of violet hues in the coming weeks and months (thank you!).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Thank you so much! I love purple, and I probably have more purple clothes than clothes of any other colour in my wardrobe. I just seem to be drawn to all manner of violet shades. I can’t wait to see some of the purple-hued outfits you put together.

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