Daily outfit 28/3/2014

Lately I’ve been dabbling in a bit of androgyny.  I love man-meets-woman styles of dressing.  I feel so powerful when I add a slightly masculine vibe to my outfits.  I like to draw inspiration from women like Katharine Hepburn, by keeping my silhouette feminine while wearing my androgynous ensembles.

I am wearing:

– White button-down shirt (thrifted)

– Black pencil skirt from Veronika Maine

– Nude stockings from Target

– Trilby hat from Sportsgirl

– Black patent leather heels (thrifted)

– Diamante studs (inherited from my Nana)

I love mixing masculine and feminine elements in my outfits.  The buttoned-to-the-neck shirt, the loafers and the felt hat are all quite masculine.  But the pencil skirt, the heel on my shoes and the slightly twinkling stud earrings keep a feminine vibe running through the outfit.

I wore this outfit to have dinner with my parents.  When I arrived, my dad nicked my hat and tried it on.  It suited him very well!

One thing I love about this shirt is that it tapers up and inwards at the waist, to highlight the curve of the waistline.  I tend to wear this shirt untucked because it draws the eye to my waist without needing to be tucked in.

This week I’m linking up with Dapper Dolly for Fancy Friday.  On Fridays we dress up to send off the week in style.  You can join in by sharing a link to your own Fancy Friday outfit on Dolly’s website.

I like to keep my hair and makeup very simple when I’m rocking an androgynous look.  Just a hint of mascara and lipbalm to highlight the lips and eyes. I use a bronzer to contour my cheeks and I also shaded in my brows to give them some dramatic definition.

Do you ever like to gender-bend with your outfits?  How do you mix masculine and feminine elements in your own wardrobe?

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