Disney Villains makeup tutorial: Mother Gothel from Tangled.

Each month I create a makeup look that draws inspiration from a Disney villain.  This month, I’m taking a lead from Mother Gothel from Tangled.

Mother Gothel is a vain, youth-obsessed witch who kidnaps Rapunzel when she realises that she has magical powers that will help her to stay young.  Then she locks her in a tower and hurls passive-aggressive taunts in her direction.  She’s a truly charming character!  (Sarcasm alert!)

For this look, I chose to pair a classic smokey eye with a mulberry-toned lip.  I decided to do the eye makeup in shades of grey and black because they reminded me of Mother Gothel’s hair.  Her hair is usually a wildly curly raven mane, but when she begins to age streaks of grey begin to creep into it.  I loved the salt-and-pepper colouring of her aging hair, and I felt that a smokey eye was a great way to incorporate that into this look.

The mulberry lip is a nod to Mother Gothel’s dress, which is a rich plum shade.  The lipstick I used for this look is Midnight Rose from Avon.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


If you’ve got a favourite villain that you’d like to see me turn into a makeup look, feel free to get in touch.

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