Daily outfit 25/3/2014

Today I decided to wear a fun, simple outfit that would put a bit of a spring into my step.  I just love pairing quirky separates to make a happiness-inducing outfit.


I am wearing:

– Archie “Blondes have more fun” tee shirt from Target

– Red mini skirt from Supre

– Red and white gingham heels from Shoo Biz

– Sunglasses earrings from Diva

– White plastic bangle (thrifted)

– Red beaded bracelet from the markets


It was a very sunny day today, and I got a bit of lens flare while I was taking these photos.  Oh well, these things happen.

I’m also fully aware that this might be the last time that I go bare-legged for a while.  The temperature is starting to drop as we head further into Autumn, so I think I’ll be raiding my tights drawer before too long!

I whipped my hair up into a bouncy pony tail for a simple but fun look.  I just love how much bounce my hair has now that it’s been cut!


I certainly had a blast wearing this outfit.  Cute slogan tees, plastic jewellery and bright colours are my recipe for a cute ensemble.

What do you wear when you want to inject a bit of fun into your outfits?


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