Daily outfit 21/3/2014

Welcome to another Fancy Friday post.  Fancy Friday is an idea dreamed up by Dapper Dolly to encourage people to dress up on Friday to ring in the weekend in style.

This Friday is extra-special to me because it’s my mum’s birthday!  I’m so happy to celebrate this special occasion with her.  This year we’ve jammed a whole lot of fun into mum’s birthday week.  She and I went to the city on Wednesday to see Grease, and tonight we’re having a family dinner with presents and my extra-special vanilla cupcakes.  Yum!

I just want to take a moment to talk about what an incredible person my mother is.  She’s so selfless and giving, and spends so much time helping other people.  She gives wonderful advice and beautiful hugs.  She always tries to do the best she can to make the people she loves happy, and her heart is always in the right place.  I feel so blessed to be her daughter and to have such a loving and supportive mother.

In addition to all those virtuous qualities, my mother also has some quirks.  She always sings the wrong lyrics to songs, she’s a total neat-freak and has a hilarious set of personal “rules” for cleaning the house.  She loves animals and will go out of her way to pat a cute dog.  She has the most buoyant laugh and gets a giggle from waving at babies in the supermarket.

Here’s what I wore to celebrate mum’s birthday.

I am wearing:

– Lace slip dress (thrifted)

– Black ballet flats from Rubi shoes

– Gold cross necklace (was my Nana’s)

– Gold chain bracelet (gift from my aunt and uncle)

This dress is actually one that Mum bought for me.  She found it in an op shop when she and Dad were on holiday earlier this year.  I introduced Mum to thrift shopping a few months ago, and after a short period of resistance, she’s taken to it with great enthusiasm.  When she got home from her trip, she pulled this dress out of her suitcase and shouted “I found this for a dollar!  A DOLLAR!  Can you believe it?”

Funnily enough, I now have quite a collection of white lacy dresses that Mum has bought for me.  Perhaps she’s trying to hint at something?

Here’s hoping that my Mum has a wonderful day.  And I hope that you’re having a great Friday too.  Here’s to the weekend!


  1. Aw such a sweet post, I love both the sentiment and your outfit/adorable poses! I share the great love in regards to my own mother so can totally empathize with what you’ve said – it sounds like yours had a wonderful day and you planned it very nicely 🙂

    That is such a lovely dress she picked for you! It’s sweet, innocent, feminine and chic all in one – such a darling tribute to her daughter 🙂 and I love her enthusiasm for finding it for a dollar 😀 I remember the last time mum and I went clothes shopping together and I ended up saying ‘I’m not your dress up doll!’ and she retorted ‘yes you are!’ lol!

    • I normally get frustrated when I go clothes shopping with Mum. She tends to pick out things for me that are very different to my personal style. However, the last few things she’s bought for me as gifts have been bang on the mark. We do spend a lot more time together now than we have in the past, so perhaps she’s just getting a better feel for the kinds of things I wear and my style.

      It’s wonderful that you’re so close to your mum. I think it’s a very special thing for a woman to have a good relationship with her mother.

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