Daily outfit 14/3/2014

Well, it’s Fancy Friday yet again.  Today I was feeling the bombshell vibe, so I decided to shimmy into a pencil skirt and add a generous helping of polka dots to my outfit.

For those of you who are new here, Fancy Friday is a concept dreamed up by Dapper Dolly.  She encourages bloggers and readers alike to dress up on the final day of the work week to bring on the weekend with a bang.

This morning when I was taking my outfit shots, I momentarily forgot that I was wearing heels, and didn’t take the extra height into account as I snapped up the first few pictures.  I accidentally cut my hairdo out of the photos.

Luckily I realised my mistake pretty quickly, and re-adjusted the camera.  Whoops!

I am wearing

– Red polka dot shirt from Target

– Grey pencil skirt (thrifted)

– Cream Tony Bianco pumps (thrifted)

– Nude stockings from Target

– Pearl ring from Fayebella vintage

– White bangle (thrifted)

– Babushka earrings from Diva

– Red hair bow from the top of  a Bailey’s bottle. (No joking!)

I felt super-cute in this outfit.  I always have a bit more bounce in my step when I wear these ultra-feminine vintage styles.  I think I just feel more confident with the way my body looks in these styles.  I also have so much fun playing with my hair, putting it up into cute twists and curls for vintage looks.

I wore this outfit to do some shopping and blogging.  I love dressing up to do daily chores, because a great outfit makes even the most mundane task seem fun!

I was in the mood for some serious victory rolls today.  I kept my makeup fairly low-key, swapping my usual bright red lippy for a more sheer version.  I’m wearing the Chinatown Chase lipstick from Lipstick Queen today.  It’s a beautiful, sheer watermelon-red that’s really nourishing on your lips.  It’s one of my favourite lipsticks for low-key looks.

Are you wearing something fancy this Friday?


  1. Oh wow you do certainly do look like you have a spring in your step with this super cute and delightful outfit! Very uplifting 🙂

    I’ll update my post in a wee bit, my WP is going too slow and cutting out on me at the mo!

    All the best! 😀

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