Daily outfit 28/2/2014

I think that Fancy Friday was just what I needed this week.  I’ve been feeling really depressed, and most days it’s been a struggle to get showered and dressed.  A lot of the time, putting together a presentable outfit is more than I have energy for.  But today I really pushed myself to wriggle into something a bit more special.  And you know what?  I really do feel better for it.

I am wearing:

– Black sequinned wiggle dress from Living Doll

– Black cutout leggings from Rubi

– Betts comic book platform heels

– Skull-print cotton scarf from Sportsgirl

– Star hoop earrings

– Vintage cocktail ring from Faye Bella


Fancy Friday is a concept that was dreamed up by Dapper Dolly to encourage people to dust off their glad-rags and see the week out with a bang!  It’s all about dressing up a little bit on Friday, in whatever way you choose.  Anyone is free to join in, so I’d encourage you to give it a shot.

I had a bit of a hiccup while I was taking my outfit photos this morning.  It seems that Miss Jelly didn’t want to be left out, and she kept photo-bombing me.

Even after I explained to her that I was trying to take photos, and that although she’s gorgeous she didn’t need to be in every shot she still continued to leap in every time the camera clicked.  Earlier in the morning she’d been sitting in front of my mirror, purring loudly at herself. Obviously she thought that she was looking pretty amazing and she wanted to share her gorgeousness with you.

So I packed up my tripod and took a few pictures outside, where she couldn’t steal the show.

What are you wearing on this fine Friday?  Feel encouraged to share a link to your own Fancy Friday post.


  1. I’ve been having some of those days, totally unmotivated to do anything productive. I find when I do make that effort to shower & get dressed, I do feel a little better. You look gorgeous and I love those leggings. Aww, Jelly needs her own kitty blog :p

    • I can just imagine what Jelly’s blog would be like. It would mostly consist of photos of her lazing about, posts about her favourite nap spots and rants about how annoying Ringo is. Oh, and cat food reviews.

  2. Wow, just wow! This post is uber fabulous and I’m so glad that dressing up at the end of the week helps give you a boost, I’ve taken your words to heart and agree that it can really be that extra edge needed to see one through til the end of it and until it’s time to rest/relax.

    I love the designs of each piece of your outfit and they all go so well together and those leggings are uh-mazing!

    You are totally workin’ it!

    • Thank you so much. These leggings were an impulse buy a couple of years ago. I bought two other pairs that day, and the store had a “buy two get one free” sale on, so this pair was the freebie that I grabbed at the last minute. Of the three pairs I bought that day, these are the ones that I wear the most often.

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