Disney villains makeup tutorial series: Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

It’s time for another Disney villains makeup tutorial!  This month I’m taking my inspiration from Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

In my opinion, Gaston is one of the most interesting Disney villains. I touch on this a bit in the video.  When we first meet Gaston, he’s not really villainous.  When you think about most of the Disney villains, particularly the classic ones, you know right away that they’re the bad guy.  They start off pure evil and continue that way throughout the film.  But I really don’t think that Gaston is evil to begin with.  Sure, he’s chauvinistic and self-centered, but not really evil.  He acts like a jerk when he throws the ‘surprise wedding” for Belle, but again I don’t think his behaviour is exactly evil.  He’s just a guy who is used to getting his own way who begins acting like a brat. But then there’s a point where his actions stop being bratty and become downright vile.  That turning point comes when he plots of have Belle’s father locked in the asylum.  I find Gaston interesting because he’s one of the few villains that actually turn into villains during the course of the film.  We actually see his descent into evil, which I find really interesting.

Also, he has one of the best songs in the entire Disney song catalog.

For Gaston’s look, I chose shades of gold and red, to mirror the shades in his costume.  I chose a strong gold tone to highlight the eyes.

I added a deep contour to my cheeks and jaw to draw reference to Gaston’s chiseled features.


For the lips, I went with a red-toned brown.  When I originally designed this look, I had intended to use a brighter red, like Gaston’s shirt.  However it was a bit too strong with the gold eye.  So I chose a brown with a red hint to it, which looks much better when paired with the gold.

If you’d like to request a villain to serve as next months’ inspiration, feel free to get in touch with me.  I always love hearing your suggestions.



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