Daily outfit 14/2/2014

Happy Valentines Day!  It’s time for another Fancy Friday post.  Fancy Friday is an idea thought up by Dolly of Substance and Style to encourage people to bust out their glad rags to celebrate the end of each week.

This is an outfit that I wore to visit my grandparents earlier in the week.  It was HOT that day.  I know I keep going on and on about the heat, but it was scorching.  I wanted to wear something light and cool but with plenty of colour.  So I went for some second-hand goodies.

I am wearing:

– Blue camisole (thrifted)

– Yellow wrap skirt (second-hand) from The Dookie Emporium.

– Brown Zu sandals (thrifted)

– Heavy gold-tone bangle (thrifted)

– Brown resin ring (thrifted)

– Tortoiseshell sunglasses from Jay Jays.

Wearing this skirt was a bit of a gamble.  It’s a synthetic fabric and I wasn’t sure how cool it would be on a hot day.  Luckily it was really comfortable and lovely to wear in the heat. I just love the print and colour of this skirt.  I don’t usually wear yellow, because it tends to make me look really washed out.  However, I find that if I keep the yellow shades away from my face it looks just fine.


This blue camisole is one of my favourite op-shop finds.  I love the deep, midnight-blue shade and the lace detail.  It is also really satiny and cool against the skin.  It matches the blue tones in the print of the skirt perfectly too, which I love. The best part about this cami?  It cost fifty cents.  No joke.


It just goes to show that you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get a cute, colourful outfit.  When I tally up the cost of this outfit, it goes like this:

Skirt: $15

Camisole: fifty cents

Shoes: $5

– Sunglasses: $15

– Bangle: $6

-Ring: $1

Total = $42.50.

An entire outfit for less than $50.  You can’t complain about that.


What are you wearing this Friday?


  1. That’s fabulous! I really enjoy tallying up the total cost of my ensembles sometimes, too, and delight not when I hit a high number, but (perpetual bargain hunter that I am) when it’s a lower one.

    This is a really fun look! You know what my first thought is when I see that skirt? It reminds me of the colours and vibrancy of Mardi Gras in the States.

    Big hugs & joyful Sunday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • I hadn’t thought about this skirt as being Mardi-Gras-colours before, but you’re totally right! Now I want to dress it up with some other bright pieces to make a really eye-catching outfit.

  2. You know it’s been a long time since really appreciated big time differences between places but I really like seeing your post before I go to bed, it’s a really nice thing before heading off to the wilds of unpredictable dreams.

    You look stunning (as usual!) and also very refreshing – in concurrence with everything yu’ve described from the beautiful midnight Blue cami with lovely lace to the vibrant print and clever tip about wearing the tone you’re not too comfy with away from your face. I also love that the outfit is thrifted/second hand and obviously in loving hands.

    Hope you’re still nice and cool!

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