Daily outfit 11/2/2014

So, we’re having yet another heat wave in Victoria right now.  What is that, three for this year?  Maybe my memory is a little foggy from this heat, but I don’t remember having so many runs of extremely hot weather in recent years.  Although I ordinarily love summer, I have to admit that I’m a bit over it.

Super hot weather calls for floaty tops and comfy trousers.

I am wearing:

– Black floral butterfly-sleeve top from Target

– Black harem pants from Target

– Black and gold platform shoes from Novo

– Beetle ring from a boutique in Mansfield

– Love ring

– Silver squiggle ring

– Indian ring

– Sapphire earrings (Nana’s)

-Silver bangles

-Charm bracelet from Cutey

In some ways I actually find light trousers cooler than shorts or  skirts in the hot weather. I find it irritating if my bare legs touch in summer.  The heat from the friction of my thighs rubbing together is like two twigs starting a fire.  I’d rather keep each leg encased in it’s own personal tent of fabric.  If my thighs can’t touch, I feel cooler. It’s just like The Offspring said, “You gotta keep em’ separated”.

I also have a new lipstick.  It’s Avon’s Extra Lasting lipstick in Rich Brown.  It’s actually one of my Mum’s rejects.  A couple of years ago she bought her dream lipstick from Avon.  She proceeded to go through four of them before Avon discontinued it.  Ever since, she’s been on the lookout for a dupe.  A whole bunch of Avon representatives have told her, “So Avon doesn’t make this formula anymore, but this lippie is an exact match”.  And Mum is adamant that the colours aren’t the same as her all-time favourite.  I’ve lost count of how many almost-right lipsticks Mum has passed onto me over the years in her search for the Holy Grail of brown lipsticks.

As usual, a pile of rings and chipped nail polish.  I’m in dire need of a manicure.




  1. Those rings are each so uniquely gorgeous!!! I hear you – only with the opposite season. I generally love winter, and I know I’ll pine for it again when the heat waves and dog days attack us as well, but for now it can’t skip down fast enough for my liking.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for sharing about your dear Evan and Evaline with me, they sound so special and very much like Flo and Fern.

    • Thank you so much. The weather has cooled down a tiny bit now, and I woke up shivering in my summer PJs this morning. It’s not even very cold, but after the extreme heat, even the tiniest breeze feels like an arctic gale.

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