Celebrating Valentines Day Solo.

This year will be the first time in more than a decade that I will celebrate Valentines Day without a boyfriend.  It’s a bit daunting.  To tell the truth, I’d been dreading V-day a bit these past few weeks.  I imagined that it would be a day filled with disappointment and depression.

But I’ve decided to take charge and give myself an amazing Valentines day.  I’ve ordered myself some beautiful presents (vintage jewellery and lingerie, in case you were wondering).  I was originally planning on going out to dinner, but I’m not sure that I’m self-assured enough to enjoy a solo meal in among a sea of coupled-up diners.  So instead I’m going to stay home, order a pizza and watch Clueless (which constitutes a pretty sweet evening in my book).

So what should you do if you’re also flying solo this Valentines Day?  I’ve got a few ideas…

Option 1: Opt out

So, here’s the thing: you don’t actually HAVE to celebrate Valentines Day.  It’s not mandatory.  If the thought V-day makes you want to retch, you don’t have to mark the day in any way at all.  If you’re fretting about Valentines Day and you don’t really feel like participating in the lovey-dovey nonsense, you have my permission to opt out.

Option 2: Romance yourself

On the other hand, Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to shower yourself with a little bit of self-love.  Take the opportunity to spoil yourself a little bit.  Have a think about how you’d like to spend the day.  What does your ideal Valentines day look like?  Does it include an amazing home-cooked breakfast?  A special piece of jewelry?  An afternoon of pampering?  Dinner and a movie?  Hours of video games and popcorn?

Whatever your idea of a fabulous V-Day entails, do your best to give that to yourself.  Take yourself out on a date, buy yourself a gift, write a letter to yourself listing all the reasons why you’re rad.  Indulge in self-love and shower yourself with affection and romance.

If you’re a little hesitant about romancing yourself, you might like to read this post I wrote a while ago about romance for one.  If you’re strapped for ideas, I’ve got 15 to share with you.

Option 3: Galentines Day!


With all the emphasis on romantic love, it can be easy to forget that there are so many other types of love.  Like friendship!  Treat Valentines day as an opportunity to catch up with your mates and romance them a little bit.  Send a card to each of your single friends, bake them treats or organize a brunch date with your favourite buddies.

Option 4: Fam jam.

Another type of love that you might like to celebrate on Valentines Day is the love you have for your family.  Plan a special outing with your parents, take your kids to the park, or hang out with your siblings.  Perhaps you might like to get a cute gift for your mum, like a scented candle or a new book.  Maybe you could write your Dad a poem about all the things he’s taught you.  Or you could just catch up with your geeky brother and play Cards Against Humanity.


So you see, there are so many awesome ways to celebrate Valentines Day even if you’re flying the single flag this year.  Love comes in so many different forms and this is an opportunity to celebrate that.


What are your plans for Valentines Day?  Whether you’re single or coupled, I want to hear all about it!



  1. I don’t think I’ve celebrated valentines day since high school, when it was more of a competition than a nice romantic day. So this year since its a Friday, probably I will also get a pizza and watch a movie!

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