Adventure Time style

Adventure Time is one of my favourite cartoons at the moment.  Not only is it ridiculously cute, but it’s slightly off-centre humour really appeals to me.  Plus, it’s stylistically gorgeous. Are you ready to pay tribute to your favourite character?  Well c’mon!  Grab your friends and let’s get started.

Finn the Human

Finn is always outfitted in shades of blue.  For a girlier take on his style, try a skater skirt and a cute pussy-bow blouse.  Remember to wear a hat (preferably with ears) to keep your hair out of the way when you’re adventuring.  A two-toned clutch rounds of this mathmatical ensemble.

Jake the Dog

Experiment with a sweet combination of mustard and black to channel that most awesome canine: Jake the Dog.  Keep the ensemble playful with a flippy skirt and a cute print.  A funky cloche is the perfect way to finish off.

Princess Bubblegum

This sickly sweet ensemble is fit for the princess of the Candy Kingdom.  Mix and match shades of bubblegum pink and throw on some purple accessories for a bit of contrast.  Don’t forget to pop a golden crown atop your flowing locks for a royal touch.


Marceline’s style is part punk-rock princess and part rodeo sweetheart.  A sexy wiggle dress in a tough denim fabric is the perfect way to channel this style.  Add a touch of punky tartan and Marceline’s signature red cowboy boots and you’re good to go.  If it’s sunny, cover up your vampire skin with a big floppy hat.

Peppermint Butler

Red and white stripes are a staple if you want to pay tribute to The Candy Kingdom’s most dapper resident.  Combine your stripes with a pair of tailored trousers and a smart blazer in a bright blue.  High-laced boots are the perfect way to finish off this fresh outfit.

Lumpy Space Princess

Hey girl!  Show off your lumps in a pair of short shorts and a cut-out top (all in LSP’s signature purple, of course).  Accessorize with a smattering of stars and some space-age fabrics.


You’ll look totally algebraic if you take a leaf out of BMO’s style book.  This look is all about sleek lines and bright primary colours (just like BMO’s buttons).  Start with a basic blue dress in a mod cut, and add accessories that are red, green and yellow.  Patent leather and graphic shapes are the perfect nod to BMO’s cybertronic nature.
Who’s your favourite Adventure Time character?  How would you incorporate their look into your wardrobe?


  1. Oh my.. word! That Finn one! Hahaa spot on 😀 I asked the Adventure Time DS game for Christmas but my niece thought it looked childish so she picked something else. (She’s 9 – auch ;D)

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