Daily outfit 15/1/2014

I’ve just got a really quick outfit post for you today.  I snapped these pictures on my way out the door to run some errands yesterday.  I was in a rush to get all my work done before it got really sweltering.  There’s a heat wave going on at the moment, and so I’m doing my best to stay inside and keep cool.

DSCF9327I am wearing:

– Floral printed shirt from Rivers

– Cutoffs from K Mart (customized by me)

– White Havianas thongs

– White bangle (thrifted)

– Silver rings

– Mis-matched earrings (thrifted)

DSCF9328My summer love affair with prints continues!  I got this shirt from my parents for Christmas and I love the colours.  Even though it’s long-sleeved, it is deliciously light and cool.  It’s great for beating the heat and protecting my shoulders from the sun.

DSCF9330My shorter hair has been a godsend in this hot weather.  I can’t stand to have hair hanging on my neck when it’s sweltering, so I’ve been experimenting with lots of different up-dos.  I’m particularly smitten with braids of all kinds.  I call this hairdo “The Escargot” because it reminds me a little bit of a snail shell.

DSCF9329Once again, super simple makeup.  I always feel hotter when I wear lots of makeup, and it’s like my skin can’t breathe. Also, there’s nothing worse than having your foundation run down your face when the temperature starts to climb.  I stick to tinted moisturizers and BB creams in Summer.   My skin tends to be quite clear in the summer months, so I can get away with lighter makeup.

If you’re in Australia, how are you coping with the heat?


4 thoughts on “Daily outfit 15/1/2014

  1. Hehe! Love the name of that hair style! You look great and the outfit looks like it would be nice and cool for a hot day. I’ve been freaking out a little, I’m back in Melbourne on the 23rd for 2ish weeks, and my boyfriend doesn’t have air con! :S

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