Daily outfit 7/1/2014

O.K, I’d like to take a moment to talk about my hair.  I love the way my hair looks when it’s curled.  But I have virgin hair (that’s never been dyed) which is quite straight and fine.  The texture of my hair makes it so difficult to curl.  Pretty much the only way I can curl my hair is to do a pin-curl set when it’s wet and leave it to dry for at least 12 hours.  And even then the curl tends to drop pretty quickly.

On Friday night, Miss Fairchild was kind enough to pin-curl my hair for me.  She’s an expert at curling hair and always has the most amazing hairstyles, so I was very excited to give her a go on my mop.  She did an awesome job, and the finished product was amazing.  Best of all, several days later my set is still holding!  The curls have dropped a little, but my hair still has plenty of bounce and volume.  I decided to wear a bombshell-inspired outfit to make the most of my gorgeous curls.


DSCF9275I am wearing:

– Pink floral boob tube from Target

– Pink pencil skirt from Supre

– Betts nude sandals (thrifted)

– Vintage beaded necklace

– Amethyst ring (from my Nana’s jewellery box)

– Rose quartz stud earrings

DSCF9276One of the best parts about this set is that I haven’t used any product on my hair since I brushed it out.  None!  Not a lick of spray or gel.  Miss Fairchild used a setting lotion while she was curling my hair and that’s it.  So my curls are really bouncy and shiny.

DSCF9277I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty fab in this outfit today.



DSCF9279So I’m very happy indeed with his hairstyle.  Miss Fairchild even drew a little diagram for me, so that I can recreate the set on my own the next time I want bouncy, bombshell hair.  What a peach!

What do you think of my waves?


    • Miss Fairchild did such an awesome job of my hair. She even made me a little pin curl pattern so that I could copy it the next time I want to set my hair like this. I’m convinced that she’s some kind of hair wizard.

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