Some suggested New Years Resolutions

Do you struggle with new years resolutions?  Making them?  Keeping them?  Not rolling your eyes when your friends start listing all forty of the things they intend to do this year?

Me too.  I’m a big nerd, so normally setting goals is one of my favourite activities. However I usually set the bar too high.  Either I’ll make too many resolutions and get totally overwhelmed or I’ll make my resolutions too complicated and realise by March that it will take several years to actually achieve my goal.


This is me, kicking my resolution’s butt.

So last year I decided to take a different approach.  I made eleven small resolutions, one for each month.  ( I left out December, because it’s always crazy busy and I’d rather not try to cram anything else into my already-bulging calendar).  Then I focused on one goal a month.  It was much more manageable and I feel as though I accomplished more than I would have with my old method.

I’m here to help.  Firstly, you don’t actually need to set resolutions if you don’t want to.  If they don’t work for you, you don’t have to do it.  You have my permission to opt out.

If you want to, you can do as I’m doing and set one small resolution for each month.  It works for me.

To help you out, I’ve created a list of pre-made resolutions.  You can take your pick and grab one for each month.  Or you can just choose a couple to focus on this year.  Or you can do none of them.  Or you can write your own.  Whatever works.  These are just here to get you started.


Suggested New Years resolutions:

This year, I will:

– Limit the amount of media that makes me feel crappy about the way I look.  I will try to choose magazines, blogs and television programs with body-positive messages.

– Revisit a food that I don’t normally like to eat.  Try a different way of preparing it and give it another chance.

– Read 10 books that I’ve never read before.

– Make the effort to catch up with my dearest friends at least once a month.

– Start saving for that house/holiday/island that I’ve always wanted.

– Sign up for a class that teaches a skill I want to develop.

– Set aside one day a week for relaxation and recharging

– Go one month without buying anything that’s not strictly neccessary.

– Clean out my wardrobe with ruthless precision.

– Do the dishes every night before I go to bed.

– Stop making body-shaming comments about other people.

– Change my look with a new haircut/ tattoo/ wardrobe

– Spend more time with my family.

– Pull out my recipe books and try some new dishes.

– Find a form of exercise that I love

– Spend more time naked

– Start that project that’s been niggling at the back of my mind.

– Start looking for a job that doesn’t make me want to retch.

– Go to five concerts or live shows

– Have one T.V free night a week.

– Devote 10 minutes each day to clearing out the clutter in my life.

– Smile at strangers

Do you do New Year’s resolutions?  What are yours for this year?

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