Daily outfit 23/12/2013

It’s Christmas Eve Eve!  It has been positively sweltering here in Benalla, and I’ve been opting to wear as little clothing as possible to reduce my chance of heatstroke.  I was really feeling the glamazon vibe today, as you can tell from my outfit.

DSCF9239I am wearing:

– Mink Pink dress

– Black flatforms from Big W

– Dreamcatcher earrings from Cue

– Gold bangle bracelet (used to belong to my aunt)

– Gold owl ring from Diva

– Malachite ring (thrifted)

DSCF9240This dress was a birthday gift from my parents last year, and it’s finally warm enough to wear it.  If you’d told me when I started this blog that one day I’d post an outfit shot of me going bare-legged under a body con dress, I would have laughed in your face. I never used to wear short skirts without leggings or tights underneath.  I’ve always been extremely self-conscious about my thighs, and I’ve hidden them away for years.  But now I’ve decided that the time is ripe to let my pins out to play.

 I feel quite proud of the fact that I actually like the way I look in this dress.  I put this on this morning, looked in the mirror and thought, “I look pretty darn foxy!”  That’s a huge leap for me, because I’ve spent years utterly hating my body and wanting to change every little detail about it.  To be able to smile at myself and wear something short and tight with pride makes me realise that I’ve come a long way.  My body isn’t any more ‘perfect’ than it was a few years ago.  In fact, since then I’ve gained weight, a couple of scars and a few fine lines.  I’m just better at accepting myself than I once was.  For me, “body con dress” no longer means “body conscious”, it means “body confident!”

DSCF9241I twisted my dirty hair into a chunky high bun and piled on the jewellery to compliment this funky dress.

DSCF9246I also tried something else that I’ve always been a bit scared of: red eye makeup!  Miss Fairchild gave me some sensational eyeshadows as a gift, and among them was a gorgeous mulberry shade.  I’m a bit hesitant to wear red-based shades on my eyes, because they can make you look tired/hung-over/ vampiric but I figured out a way to make it work.  I’m really happy with this look.

So today I took quite a few fashion risks and I’m pleased with the results.  I can’t complain about that.

I hope you have an awesome Christmas Eve Eve!  Only two sleeps to go!



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