A Christmas vlog.

I thought it might be fun to make a little video about some of my favourite Christmas traditions and some memories of Christmases past.  I’ve come up with 7 Christmassy questions to answer for you:


If you’d like to, please feel free to answer the questions in a vlog of your own, or in a blog post.  I would love to read your answers, so be sure to send me a link if you do answer the questions yourself.  The seven questions are:

– At what age did you stop believing in Santa Clause?

– What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever recieved?

– When do you open your Christmas presents?

– What do you wear on Christmas day?

– What is your favourite holiday movie?

– Have you ever built a gingerbread house?

– What is your favourite holiday treat?


Have an awesome day and I will catch you soon.


  1. Very cute. I believed I. Santa 4 a long time around age 8 a part of me still believes. My best Xmas present is my complete set of Harry potter books with trunk I like to savor so I open my presents slowly over Xmas day. It’s not a Holliday movie but I watch The Lord of the rings trilogy every Xmas. Never bit a gingerbread house and my fave Holliday treat is good champagne
    Retro rover

    • Mmmm, I love a delicious glass of champers on Christmas day. My mum, aunts and I usually have a tall glass of chilled champagne with a huge strawberry floating in it on Christmas morning. Delish!

  2. – I probably stopped believing in Santa around 8 years old…but I didn’t say anything for years. I knew if I did mum would stop giving me Santa presents. I was still getting them when I was 13…but then I moved in with my dad and never got a Santa present again.
    – I honestly cannot think of a single “best present” I have ever received. I mostly get things I would never ever have asked for. The Christmas present I got from you would be quite high up there.
    – Christmas presents have always been opened first thing in the morning from when I was a kid til now. I have a tendency to be the first one up and wake everyone in the house up as I get so excited.
    – I always wear pjs all day Christmas day. Since the twins were born we never go anywhere Christmas day…so pjs it is!
    – favorite Christmas movie is A Muppet Christmas Carol. No question about it.
    – Every year for the last 5-6 years we have built a gingerbread house. It looks like we won’t manage it this year and that makes me so sad.
    – to me Christmas is all about the turkey and pavlova. This will be my first Christmas ever without turkey and it is bumming me out. But I will still make a pav.

    • I’m so sorry that this Christmas isn’t going to be filled with all your usual traditions. That really sucks. I hope that next year’s is twice as spectacular to make up for it.
      And I’m so glad that you liked the gift I got for you. I stress out so much about presents, worrying that I’ll buy something the person will hate. So I’m really pleased that you liked what I chose for you.

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