Things I Love Thursday 19/12/2013

I just realised that this will be my last Things I Love Thursday post for 2013.  I’m going to take a few days off blogging after Christmas, so I won’t do another of these lists until next year.  Gosh, that’s a scary though!

This week I love:

– Catching up with awesome friends for a day of Christmas shopping, massages and fun.

– My new bed.  When I moved I took the single bed from my old guest room with me.  It was very small and very cramped and the mattress was pretty busted.  But I didn’t complain.   When my aunts offered me the massive bed from my Nana’s flat, I jumped at the chance.  On the weekend we moved it to my room

DSCF9187Jelly thought that the up-turned mattress was the perfect place to take a nap while she waited for us humans to assemble the frame for the bed.


DSCF9195And once the bed was made, she got comfy again, right in the middle.

This bed is so freakin’ soft, it’s like sleeping on top of a giant marshmallow.  I love it.

– Doing yoga every day, and particularly this series of hip-opening poses.  I get really bad sciatic and hip pain, and these poses work wonders on these areas.


– The fact that I only have four workdays left until Christmas!


– Wrapping gifts and finding that I purchased exactly enough paper to wrap all my gifts.


DSCF9236– Gingerbread and eggnog.  Mmmm.  I ate this snack while watching Love Actually.


– Rainbow Paddle Pops


– Smiling at everyone on my way to work.


– Getting super-excited when Santa showed up at my work to pose for pictures.  My boss was amused that her 27-year-old sales assistant was more excited than most of the kids who were lined up to see Santa.


– Getting loads of Christmas cards in the post.


– Planning to have house guests after Christmas.


– Randomly running into my good mate Tom at Flinders Street Station.


– Cool showers and feather-light nightgowns.


– Walking in bare feet.


– Vanilla-scented candles.


What do you love this week? It’s the last one of the year, so let’s make it count!



  1. Hee! Cats! They will sleep in such odd places, won’t they? I’m currently learning the joy of wrapping gifts with a cat around, Tonka has decided that those premade, stickyback bows are evil and whenever he sees on, he picks it up and runs around with it in his mouth. He also stole a full thing of the gold ribbon thats round in like the oval shape, and un-wound it all over the bed. I’ve also caught his standing on top of all the presents as if he’s the King of them all. He cracks me up.

    • Oh, Tonka! He probably thinks he’s protecting you from the nasty, spiny ribbon monster…
      Ringo loves sleeping under the Christmas tree. He’s also taken to using the trunk as a scratching post, which I suppose makes some sense. I’m just so glad that he hasn’t tried to climb it. When he was an outdoor cat, climbing was one of his favourite activities. I worried that when I bought a tree indoors, he might try to scale it, but he’s been very well-behaved. So far…

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