Daily outfit 18/12/2013

Today’s outfit is a pretty simple one.  We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in Victoria, and it is sweltering.  Although I absolutely adore my little flat, there is one thing about it that I don’t love: it’s not air-conditioned.  There isn’t even a fan.  So I’m wearing light, simple clothes to beat the heat.

DSCF9232I am wearing:

– Turquoise earrings (made by my aunt)

– Coral camisole top (thrifted)

– Denim shorts from K Mart (customized by me)

– Black Havianas thongs

– Red beaded bracelet (gift from my mum’s bestie)

– Turquoise ring (gift from my mum)

DSCF9233This is the first time I’ve worn these shorts since I added the embellishment to the back pockets.  The fabric came from my favourite pair of P.J pants, which came apart at the seams earlier in the year.  I didn’t want to waste the fabric, so I made a couple of hair bows and used the rest to embellish the pockets on my shorts.  I think it adds a fun and geeky twist to one of my summer wardrobe staples.

DSCF9235This camisole was a steal at just $3.  It’s light as air and so cool.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s really hard to find a bra to wear with it.  I just went for a nude bra today, but I think I might have to go with a strapless next time.

What do you wear to beat the heat?


    • Thank you so much for your gorgeous compliment. I never used to feel confident enough to bare my legs, but I’ve become more self-assured in the last year or so.
      I just adored your blog! I’ve added it to my reader so that I can keep up with your latest posts. Thanks so much for getting in touch.

  1. Pooh i love what you did with the pockets!!!
    When I have an odd shaped top that shows my brastraps, I wear my convertible bra that came with clear plastic straps. They are barely noticeable and still provide the um… stability… that I need in that area 😉

    • I used to have one of those bras with the clear straps, but they always made me break out in a rash. Which is a bit of a bummer. Next time I’ll be wearing this top with a strapless bra, I think.

      • Ooh, not good!!! Also, I have a bra strap replacement that I ordered from ebay. It’s a racer back shape and is black cotton material with an intricate lace triangle in the back… hard to explain haha but it doesn’t look like bra straps!

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