A peek at my Christmas decorations.

It’s only a week til Christmas Eve, you guys!  To get you in the Christmas spirit, I’m going to take you on a quick tour of my flat and share my decorations for the festive season.

One of the great things about having your own place is being able to decorate any way you like.  I am mad for Christmas, and I love the idea of decking out my whole house with festive bits and bobs.  This year I have three(!) trees, as well as a few other lovely decorations.  Care to take a peek?

DSCF9197I got this gorgeous wooden nativity set a few years ago, and I just adore it.  It’s so colourful and the figures are beautifully carved.  You’ll notice that Baby Jesus is missing from the set.  Traditionally, you aren’t supposed to put Jesus out until Christmas Eve.  He’s currently chilling out in a secret spot in my dresser, waiting to be ‘born’ on Christmas Eve.

DSCF9202I’d hoped to make a lot of crocheted decorations this year, but I ran out of time.  So far, I’ve finished a bunch of these little stars, which I made into a garland.


DSCF9204My big Christmas tree is in the lounge room.  My parents and my brother came over a few weeks ago to help me decorate it.

DSCF9206This Santa is on loan from my mother’s massive collection of decorations.  Ringo loves him, and I’ll often walk into the room to find him kissing Santa or chattering away to him.

DSCF9207Clarice the reindeer was a hand-made gift from my friend Bree last year.

DSCF9214A very old Santa, which came from my parent’s tree.  My mother gave my brother and I a decoration each from our family tree when we moved to our own houses.

DSCF9212This lovely ornament was a gift from my Nana’s best friend, Nookie.  She gave this to me this year to remind me of my Nana, with a card that read, “When someone we love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure”.  So beautiful.

DSCF9216My dancing angel.

DSCF9217The angel on top of the tree.

I have a collection of bird ornaments for my tree.  I really loved the old-fashioned bird ornaments that hung on my Nana’s tree when I was little.  Last year, I saw some similar ones and I snapped them up. Since then, I’ve started collecting different birds to hang from the branches.  Here’s a peek at some of my Christmas birdies:

DSCF9208A swan.


An owl.

DSCF9210A cardinal.

DSCF9213A nightingale.

DSCF9215And a peacock.

DSCF9219And this nightingale is the only one of my Nan’s original bird ornaments.  It’s so delicate that I’m scared to bring it out each year, but I love it so much that I can’t bear to keep it in the box.

DSCF9218This little tree is on my kitchen table, and it’s decorated with an assortment of ornaments, including some that were my Nana’s.

DSCF9220I love this little Santa, which I bought from a junk store.  He just looks a bit drunk and emotional, and I like the way his beard is slipping down.

DSCF9221These wooden ornaments came from my Nan’s place.  I love the little nutcrackers and the funny little characters.


DSCF9224And finally I have this little tree, which is bringing cheer to my bedroom.  It’s decorated with lots of delicate glass baubles, which I tied to the branches with ribbon.  Each year, it can be put away as it is and then when December rolls around I can pull it out for an instant dose of Christmas cheer.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my ornaments.  Have a merry Christmas!


  1. Wow – three trees!

    Hubby and I have a tiny little Daiso one that we still haven’t gotten around to setting out, nor have I hung a wreath on my front door like I usually do.

    We’ve only been having Christmas at my mum and dad’s house for 3 years (we used to go overseas) but our “new” traditions are that I decorate the dining table each year. This year for the first time we have a real pine tree (that just barely fit in my car) which Mr Slippers carried up to their apartment. We’ve got a shedload of lights on it! Our family has always had a star to go on the top of the Christmas tree – not sure why. I also made Christmas crackers again this year… finding little gifts to put inside was almost as time consuming as buying Christmas presents!

    • Oooh, that sounds like so much fun. I made crackers last year, but I haven’t gotten around to it this year. I put chocolate santas and quick-pick lottery tickets in mine!

      I hope you have a fantastic Christmas.

  2. They’re lovely! A lot of your ornaments are like my parents’ ones. My mum has a strict order of ornaments on the tree: stars at the top, then angels, then bells, baubles, and santas at the bottom. The real important stuff at the top! My problem is that I can’t find any stars or angels in the shops! It’s all commercialised santas or nutcracker themed toy ornaments. No real Christmas story things!

    • My mum is the same! Each ornament has a very specific place on the tree. I’m less concerned about order, but I make sure that all of my feathery birds are up high because Ringo likes to play with them if I put them towards the bottom of the tree!

      It can be really hard to find stars or angels in the shops. I hunted for AGES to find the angel for the top of my tree. I also have a couple of glass angels which I didn’t take pictures of for this post. I got them from a boutique/florist shop and they were pretty pricey. It’s a bit sad really that it’s so difficult to find nativity-themed ornaments.

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