Things I Love Thursday 12/12/2013

It’s Thursday!  Time to list all the things that have put a grin on my mug this week.

This Thursday, I love:

– Hearing the workman next door belting out Macy Gray’s “I Try” at the top of his lungs.  What he lacked in talent he made up in passion.

– Christmas cards in the mail.  I get so excited every time I go to the mail box at this time of year.

DSCF9175-My Christmas tree.  I’m so very happy with it.  Every time I glance up at it, I smile like a loon.

– My parents.  They’re the most adorable/sickening couple ever.  My Dad is building a new outdoor recreation area for my Mum for Christmas.  The other day he laid the concrete for the foundation.  The two of them went outside, scratched their initials in a heart into the wet cement and then held hands and kissed.  Ten years ago, that would have made me vomit.  Now, I just go “Aaawww!”

DSCF9186-Filling ALL of my biscuit tins with Christmas treats.

– Making time every day for yoga.  Even if it’s only ten minutes of light stretching.  I haven’t gone one day without yoga for two weeks, and I’m feeling a lot calmer and less achy.  I’ve subscribed to Leigha Butler’s Youtube channel and I’m really enjoying working through her videos.  She has such a great variety of workouts and her style really suits me.

– Drinking more water.  I’ve been trying to drink a couple of litres a day to ward off summer headaches, and so far it’s working a treat.

– My Mum’s Christmas decorations.  Her house is so gorgeous and she puts so much effort into decorating for the holidays.

– Old men who tip their hat and say “Merry Christmas” when I serve them at work.

– Watching my cousin Jolene open her birthday presents, then carefully pack them all away and throw all of the paper in the rubbish.  She’s three.

– Light summer nightgowns and clean sheets.

– Watching my favourite Christmas specials and movies.  Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure:


What do you love this week?  Please leave a comment and tell me all about what’s been tickling your fancy this week.


  1. Yoga is so awesome, I think i’d go insane without it.
    Your Christmas tree is awesome! I have 3 tiny trees, I hope to do a post about them.
    MAIL! I love mail, so much! I got your card yesterday! Thank you ❤

    • Thank you! I’m hoping to do a post about my Christmas decorations next week. My collection has grown quite a bit since last year.
      I’m so glad that you got my card. Merry Christmas to you!

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