Daily outfit 9/12/2013

This week I broke out the Christmas films and my Christmas-cheer playlist.  It’s so ironic that I’m watching films where the characters are all swathed in knitted layers while it’s absolutely sweltering here in Australia.


My approach to dressing in the heat is simple: wear loose, brief clothes and funky accessories.  Keep your hair up and off your neck and don’t wear too much makeup.


DSCF9167I am wearing:

– Black playsuit from Big W

– Purple bra from Best and Less

– Leather toe sandals from an Indian bazaar on Chapel street many years ago

– Snake cuff (courtesy of my aunt’s jewellery box)

– Russian puzzle ring (which used to belong to my mother)

– Silver earrings (thrifted)

-Beaded necklace (from my aunt)DSCF9168


I realised when I was getting dressed this morning that I didn’t have any clean black bras.  I decided to go with a purple one instead, to match my glasses.  It’s fun.

DSCF9170This playsuit is one of the comfiest things I own.  I used to hate wearing shorts, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with my legs over the years and now I like showing them off.  This is the perfect outfit for lounging about, watching Christmas movies and blogging.


DSCF9171Plus it has pockets.  Pockets!



DSCF9173Very little makeup today.  Just a bit of tinted moisturizer, lip balm and a sweep of bronze cream eyeshadow.  Simple and summery.


What’s the weather doing in your corner of the world?  What are you wearing to cope with the temperature?






  1. What a cool, delightfully fun outfit! I love the marriage of a causal romper (playsuit) with such starkly elegant, eye-catching jewelry. That cuff is magnificent! It strikes me as being akin to something one might discover on an archaeological dig of ancient Greece.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thank you! The cuff used to belong to my aunt. She has the most unusual taste in jewelry and a few years she cleaned out her collection and gave all her cast-offs to me. Some of my favourite pieces came from that clear-out, and I’m very grateful to her for that.

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