Things I Love Thursday 28/11/2013

Happy Thursday gorgeous!  It’s been a huge week for me, and I’m excited about sharing all the things that have put a smile on my dial since last week.  


This week, I love:

– The fact that it’s nearly December.  I absolutely love Christmas, but I have a rule that I’m not allowed to do any Christmassy things until December 1st.  (With the exception of Christmas shopping, because I like to be organized).  I’ve been champing at the bit to start watching my favourite Christmas movies, put up my decorations, pull out my Bing Crosby albums and start baking scrummy seasonal goodies.  And there’s not too much longer to wait now!


– Taking my yoga sessions outside in the evenings.  My house isn’t air conditioned, so it’s been getting mighty stuffy inside now that the weather is warming up.  So going outside for a bit of yoga on the lawn each night has been really lovely.  I’m now covered in mosquito bites though, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.


– Walking barefoot on clean floors.


– Almond hand lotion.  Divine.


DSCF9144-Collecting bits and pieces from Nana’s house.  My aunts have begun cleaning out Nan’s flat, and Mum bought around a huge case of things for me to keep.  There were a lot of practical things like linens and kitchen utensils.  Also, Nan’s beauty case which was filled with products.  I had a bit of a cry over a can of hairspray (Nana used Cedel hairspray exclusively.  She absolutely refused to use anything else.  The smell of that hairspray reminds me of all the times I helped her set her hair and of watching her get ready for church when I was little).


But there were also some little knick-knacks that I’ve dotted around my house.  Like this statue of The Virgin Mary that I’ve always loved.


DSCF9145And this owl made of seashells that was always on Nan’s T.V cabinet.


DSCF9146And this blue Babushka doll.  I actually bought that doll for Nana last Christmas, and now I’ve added her to my collection.  I like the way that these three dolls are three different sizes, like three generations.  Grandmother, mother and child.  Like Nana, Mum and me. 


– Beehive hairdos.


– Dancing wildly in my bedroom to Ben Fold’s Rocking the Suburbs.


– Summer pajamas.


– Fresh fruit on my morning porridge. 


– Ringo headbutting me to wake me up in the morning.


– Being really frugal with my spending and feeling proud of all the things I haven’t bought.


What do you love this week? 





  1. It sort of keeps things special if you tell yourself to not do “Christmassy” things until December.. then December really is THE month you know? I like keeping things strict like that though it’s very tempting to indulge before.. i’m getting ready to go eat some Belgian waffles next week, with fresh cream… yummm..

    • I know, right? Especially when all the shops start to get their decorations and things up so early, keeping my own celebrations confined to December really helps to build that sense of anticipation.

  2. Ohh, I have an owl very similar to that. I have a couple of things of my Nans thats I treasure. It’s good you have some things of hers.
    Oh cat headbutts! They are certainly an interesting way to wake up!

    – Cuddling with my animals, and how much they love each other. Frodo is really not doing well and has been the biggest sook. It’s also meant I’ve been very lazy as I’ve just been wanting to spend ALL my time with him. He currently isn’t able to put weight on his hind legs, so I’ve been having to take him out to the toilet and take him to his water bowl. I think a part of him is liking being so doted after. But Tonka just snuggles up with him, and loves him so much.

    – That Tonka seems to miss Michael. Every night we skype, and every night as soon as Tonka hears to Skype call sound, he’s right at my ipad, meowing and headbutting and talking to the screen. Its adorable, but also sometimes annoying.

    – Getting a bit more of my room done. I will FINISH this place if it kills me. I need to save for a few more pieces of furniture, but still, it’s getting closer to being finished. It’s only been a year.

    • Oh, that’s cute. When I lived in Melbourne Jelly used to love skyping with my mum. She used to bring her kittens over to the computer to show them off!

  3. Ooh, YOGA! Do you enjoy it? I’d love to hear more about your experiences with it… I’ve always been curious about trying it!

    This week, I love:

    * Avocado and grilled cheese on pumpkin and chia seed bread, OH MY GOODNESS. The TASTE! A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

    * Feeling less-than-lovely (read: mega sad) and then deciding ”nah… stuff this nonsense!”, and cranking makes-me-happy, silly tunes to turn my mood around (it worked!).

    * Watching old episodes of ‘Ringer’ in bed.

    * Observing that there’s one thing that Blenheim is seriously lacking – healthy, exquisite fast food – joking to my friend ”I should *totally* open up a salad bar! Can you imagine?! They wouldn’t have to be like, boring salads… you can have some really incredible gourmet ones, and you wouldn’t need a big place, either… it could just be like, a tiny little hole-in-the-wall takeaway place”, and having her laugh before saying ”actually… that would be pretty awesome! Can I be your business partner?!”

    * Thinking of news to evolve and improve, always.


    • I LOVE yoga. Honestly, sometimes it’s the only thing standing between me and a total nervous breakdown. I’ve been thinking of writing a post about yoga for a while now, and you’ve prompted me to actually get off my butt and do it.
      But seriously, I think it’s awesome. You should definitely give it a go.
      And a great big YES! to your idea of opening a salad bar. I’d eat there. I love inventive and delicious salad. My current favourite is cous-cous salad with roast pumpkin and red onion and a splash of red wine vinegar. Delish.

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