Daily outfit 25/11/2013: Oh Beehive!

Sometimes the music I listen to while I’m getting dressed has a profound impact on the clothes I decide to put on.  This morning, for example, I was listening to the Hairspray soundtrack.  Then this happened:


I don’t think that I’ve worn a beehive since I cut my hair.  I love the volume and bounce that the bottom half of my hair has when I put it up like this.  If I’d wanted to, I could have made the pouf really massive, but I had to go to work later in the day, so I kept it on the small side.

DSCF9137I am wearing:

– Green printed vintage dress from The Dookie Emporium

– Chiffon headscarf from my grandmother’s closet

– Purple platform shoes from Shoe Biz

– Purple beaded bracelet from Tree of Life

– Jade beaded bracelet from some random hippie store

– Onyx ring (gift from a friend)

– Crystal ring from ASOS

DSCF9138I haven’t worn this dress in quite a while, and I thought that it was about time I took it for another spin around the block.  I think it looks like something that Edna Turnblad might wear after her make-over.




DSCF9142I had loads of fun with my makeup too, although it doesn’t really show under my glasses.  Miss Fairchild gave me a set of incredible eyeshadows as a gift, and today I played around with a gorgeous iridescent purple shade.  I added a flick of liquid liner and cut my crease with a darker purple shadow.


DSCF9141Here’s a closer look at the print on my dress.  Would you believe I found this gorgeous thing shoved down the bottom of a basket of ancient tea-towels?  I love this dress so much.  It’s so comfortable, and the half-length sleeves make it ideal to wear in the in-between climates of spring and autumn.  Sometimes I wear it as a tunic over jeans, sometimes I’ll pair it with tights and sometimes I’ll go bare-legged to show off my stems.







  1. Babes, you are SO right, I was robbed of that best hat prize!!!!
    I’m still annoyed……
    LOVE this frock, and your hair is SUBLIME!!! Beehives forever! XXX

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