‘Tis the season to give

Christmas is just around the corner.  For me, Christmas is about more than just giving and getting gifts or putting up decorations.  For me, giving something to people in need is a really important part of the holiday season.


Each year, I save up a bit of cash throughout the year and give it to a charity of my choice.  This year, I’m planning on giving my donation dollars to the St Vincent De Paul Welfare Christmas Appeal.  The St Vincent De Paul society does tremendous work in a number of areas that I’m really passionate about.  They assist some of the most disadvantaged people in Australia, including the poor, people with mental illness, immigrants and Indigenous Australians.  The work they carry out includes:

– Working with people with mental illness to help them to reconnect with the community and receive help.

– Support and assistance for homeless people.

– Provision of food, clothing and assistance to those living in poverty.

– Campaigning to increase the welfare pension.

– Providing financial and information support to migrants and refugees.

– Working on achieving justice for Indigenous Australians.

– Protecting financially vulnerable people from onerous debt repayment requirements.

They also run loads of fantastic op-shops which I frequent.

This year, I’d like to ask you for your assistance.  If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, then it would be awesome if you could donate them to St Vincent De Paul.  You can make your donation here.

Also, from now until the end of December, I’ll be giving $1 from the sale of each of my e-books and my e-course to St Vincent De Paul.  You can purchase my e-books via this blog or through my etsy store.  

If you’re in Australia, you can also help by donating your unwanted clothing, books, toys and bedding to your nearest St Vincent De Paul store.

Have an awesome weekend, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  Thanks so much for your support.


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