Daily outfit 20/11/2013

DSCF9095Today was one of those days where I’m totally smitten with the outfit I’ve chosen.  Everything just seems to fall into place and I feel happy and confident in my own skin. Wearing red seems to have that effect on me.  It’s my favourite colour and I just love adding a splash of this bold hue to any outfit.  Or wearing top-to-toe scarlet as I am today.


DSCF9096I am wearing:

– Red dress from Free Fusion by Target

– Red and white gingham heels from Scooter

Red snood (handmade by me)

– Nude tights from Target

– Red butterfly necklace (First Christmas gift from Ross)



I only just noticed that one of my buttons is undone in these pictures!  Whoops!




DSCF9097I absolutely love this dress.  I’ve nearly worn it to death, and it will be a very sad day when it finally gives up the ghost.  Not only is it the perfect colour for me, but it’s so comfortable and really flattering.  Plus, the simple shape makes it really easy to dress it up or down.  I adore it.


DSCF9100I was playing around with some slightly more complicated vintage hair dos to go with my snood. This one features a big victory roll and a few cute pin-curls on the sides.  If you like it, stay tuned because I’m going to have a video tutorial to show you how to do it for yourself later this week.

DSCF9101Later in the afternoon, I had to go to work.  I changed into my uniform but left my hair as it was.  I got so many compliments and even an order for a hand-made snood for one of my customers.  Sometimes, wearing something a bit left-of-centre is the perfect way to pull yourself out of a rut and make good things happen.







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