Halloween 2013

I’m back!  Before I get into my post today, I wanted to say a massive “Thank you!” to all of my readers who got in touch with me to offer your support and well-wishes after Nana’s passing.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

On Saturday I held my annual Halloween party.  I had debated whether or not to have a party this year because it was always something that Ross and I had done together and I thought that it might be too painful to do it without him.  But in the end I decided that I really wanted to because it would be an awesome opportunity to catch up with some of my mates.

I was lucky enough to have the lovely Miss Fairchild come to spend the weekend with me.  We had an absolute blast and she gave me loads of help setting up for the party.

My party was very low-key, but I still got some awesome photos that I wanted to share with you.

DSCF9108I had decided a while ago that I wanted to dress as The Joker from The Dark Knight.  I was excited by the prospect of trying some new special effects makeup to do the Joker’s scars.  This was my first time working with liquid latex, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

DSCF9110I took a lot of inspiration from Heath Ledger’s Joker.  I like the rough and undone look, which I think it a lot more frightening than the more manic joker from the Batman comics.


At one point we ordered pizzas for dinner and I went out to pay the delivery woman.  She had her little girl in the car, and (forgetting what I looked like) smiled and waved at her.  She looked like she was about to burst into tears!  I felt very bad about scaring her and I apologised about a million times.


My mate Evan came dressed as Walter White from Breaking Bad.  His costume included a bag of sky blue meth (which was actually Evan’s home-made blue toffee).


DSCF9102Jelly was unimpressed when he tried to push the goods onto her.




DSCF9118Miss Fairchild wore her incredible spider hat (which you can see in all its glory in this post).  Can you believe she made that herself?

DSCF9119My brother also came to the party and so did my friend Kath.  Kath was dressed in a fantastic rabbit costume and I really regret not taking any photos of it.  It was gorgeous!

I had a really brilliant time and it was awesome to have a chance to catch up with all of my friends.

What did you do for Halloween?

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