Things I Love Thursday 31/10/2013

Happy Halloween!  No matter where you are in the world, I hope you have a truly awesome time.  Whether you’re getting right into the Halloween spirit with costumes and trick-or-treating or if you don’t celebrate it at all, I hope your day is amazing.

This week, I love:


– Finding out that one of my favourite comic artists, Stewart McKenny has created an amazing Luna Lovegood portrait and named me as one of his sources of inspiration.  I could not be more flattered.

– Getting into my pyjamas the moment I arrive home from work.

– Cous cous salad with pumpkin and green beans,


– Celebrating Ringo’s birthday.  He turned four yesterday.  We marked the day with loads of cuddles and a special dinner of fancy mince.

– Looking forward to my Halloween party in a couple of weeks.

This video that one of my friends sent me of cats stealing dogs beds.  It’s so funny but so sad all at once.

– Starting my Christmas shopping.

– Taking Jelly outside with me while I do some gardening.  She’s such a good girl and always stays inside the yard.

– Emails from gorgeous friends.

– Painting my nails bright red.

– Yoga

– Lemon cake with Earl Grey tea.

– I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett.  I love Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching books.  She’s one of my favourite characters and she’s so beautifully written.  I loved this quote from I Shall Wear Midnight:

“Only time and tears can take away grief.  That is what they are for”.


DSCF8630-Enjoying how healthy my hair is since I cut it.  Although I loved my long hair, I had so many split ends and the lengths of my hair were so dull and dry.  Now that it’s been cut much shorter, my hair is much shinier and softer.  I’m really enjoying wearing it out, because it looks so healthy at the moment.


– Flipping through an album of long-lost family photos and remembering places and people that I haven’t seen for decades.


What do you love this week?


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