Daily outfit 30/10/2013

Tomorrow is Halloween!  I’m celebrating early by wearing my Rocky Horror Picture Show tee and glorious op-shopped heels.

DSCF9055I am wearing:

– Rocky Horror tee shirt from Supre

– Black and white floral palazzo pants (thrifted)

– Crystal beaded necklace (used to belong to my Nana)

– Red and black satin rose heels (thrifted)

– Silver ring (gift from friend)

– Cubic zirconia ring from Diva

DSCF9056I just love these pants.  They’re as comfortable as pyjamas and about a million times more stylish.  They’re also a great fit, which is more than I had hoped I would get from a pair of $1.50 trousers.



They also look incredible with heels.  This is the first time I’ve worn these pants with stilettos, and I love the swish and sway that this combination creates when I walk.  I think I gave the postie quite a treat when he came to drop off some parcels to me this morning (would you believe that I’ve already begun my Christmas shopping?)

DSCF9060These crystal beads used to belong to my Nana.  She gave them to me a couple of years ago, because she wanted them to go to “Somebody who would actually wear them and not shove them in a drawer”.  I absolutely love them and I wear them often.  They’re so sparkly and they make such a statement.


DSCF7875Today is also special because it’s Mr Ringo’s birthday!  My favourite little man turns four years old today.  We’ve been celebrating with lots of cuddles, a new pom-pom (his favourite kind of toy) and a breakfast of fancy steak mince.



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