Things I Love Thursday 24/10/2013

Heeere’s Thursday!  Which means that it’s time for me to talk about the things that have put a smile on my dial this past week.

The week I love:

– Watching Bridesmaids with my Nana.  The opening scene of the film is a very athletic sex scene.  It was slightly uncomfortable to watch that with my Nan.  That is, until Nan rolled her eyes and said, “I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve, but they’re making me sea sick!”  I was howling with laughter.

DSCF9018-Knitting with this fuzzy, feathery yarn.  I’m making a cowl-style scarf that will be up in my etsy store soon.  I really love working with this type of yarn, and the colours in this one are just lovely.

– Evening walks.  The weather has been warm enough to go for a stroll after dinner.  The air is warm and the perfume from the spring flowers creates a gorgeous atmosphere for a relaxing walk.

– Working out with a new yoga video and feeling my body unwind at the end of each day.

– Slowly getting closer to mastering some new hula-hoop tricks.

DSCF9026-Kitties waiting at the door for me when I get home from work.

– Painting my toenails bright green.

– American Horror Story and Downton Abbey.  I’ve been watching a lot of both of these this week.

– Finally finishing A Feast for Crows.

– Hot coffee and vanilla-filled Tim Tams.

– John Lithgow.

– Cool showers before bed.

– Going out for dinner with my mum and dad.

– Planning how I’m going to decorate my flat for Christmas (yes, I know it’s still ages away, but I love Christmas).

What do you love this week?


  1. I’m not one to rush the seasons, but Christmas isn’t that far away (less than two months, how can that be?!), and I’ve already begun thinking about its lovely return, too – as have the stores around here. They seem to be all but putting away the Halloween decor in favour of Christmas ornaments before the 31st has even gotten here. I guess it might be handy for some people though, if you wanted to a one stop holiday shop! 🙂

    Happy Halloween weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • I work in a department store, and all of our Christmas stock is already out. I think the fact that I’m surrounded with Christmas paraphernalia each day is part of the reason that I start thinking about it so early. I actually bought a couple of gifts over the weekend.
      I’m still excited about Halloween though. I’m having a costume party at my new flat in two weeks and I can’t wait to catch up with all my friends and show off my costume.

    • I actually finished the scarf yesterday. I’ll have pictures of the finished product up soon. It’s so pretty and amazingly soft.
      Thanks so much for your well-wishes! They really do mean the world to me.

  2. BWAHAHAH! Oh my! I kind of love your Nana! I watched Bridesmaids on a plane, it was kinda interesting to watch that scene on a plane, I was thinking “uh oh, hope they don’t think i’m watching porn”

    Aww, kitties!

    I ❤ American Horror Story & Downtown Abbey! Another show I really loved, though its weeeird, is Hannibal. So good though.

    • As soon as I put Bridesmaids into the DVD player, I remembered how many sex scenes and references to sex there are in that movie. Luckily, Nan’s quite deaf and she couldn’t hear the sound, so we had to turn it off before it got too awkward.
      However, during the scene where they’re talking about blow jobs in the coffee shop, she kept asking me, “What did she say? What are they talking about?” because she couldn’t hear properly. Rather than tell her that they were discussing oral sex, I just told her that they were talking about how nice the coffee was.

  3. This week I am so pleased to have a friend I can talk to about the incredibly hard, messy, vulnerable stuff I never really feel safe to talk about. It made an unbearable situation, bearable. Thank you.

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